September 24 Blood Sugar Readings

Hello, furiends. Remember last week how I told you that my blood sugar readings were higher than we wanted them to be? Do not worry, they are not where they are dangerous over the long term. But they are higher than we like.

Well, that trend unfortunately continued this week. For the week, my blood sugar readings averaged 199. Last week, they averaged 192. Now, that is well below the level where complications from diabetes occur. But the human and I think this is too close to that point. So we will be watching them even closer than we normally do.

I reminded the human this sometimes happens when I get a new vial of insulin. It is strange that we have to pay so many green paper things for something new and it doesn’t work as well as the older vial it replaced! But that is okay, we will see how things work out.

Now for something more fun and less worrisome than my blood sugar readings being higher than we like. You all know about my good furiend Anakin. Anakin does not have any hind legs. But as his human says, he is full of love and life.

In addition to being a kind human who cares for felines, Anakin’s human is a talented artist. And some of her work went on display at a gallery near us. She asked the human to go and take pictures of her work, and he did. Her work on display is called Senorita Cat.

Anakin's Human Painted Senorita Cat
Anakin’s Human Painted Senorita Cat

I think we can say that Anakin’s human is as good at creating nice artwork as Anakin is at getting around on two legs. I am glad the human had a chance to see this artwork and share it. Hopefully, Anakin’s human sells this and gets the green paper things she deserves for creating it.

Firefighters Save Feline Stuck in Pole

Fire departments used to be the first place to call if a feline is stuck, but a lot of them no longer routinely respond to these calls. Now, they generally respond only if the situation requires it. And one trapped feline in Edison, New Jersey is very glad they did.

Workers at an electric company heard very loud calls from a feline who needed help. They looked for the source of the calls, and found a trapped feline in a 20 foot pole. The poor cat got stuck in a section of the pole which was too narrow to escape from.

This Feline Is Stuck in a Pipe
This Feline Is Stuck in a Pipe

The workers called the fire department, and when they arrived with their special equipment, they started working to free the feline. Firefighters cut the pole down to a two foot section where the feline was trapped. Then they tried to free the feline by using soapy water. When that didn’t work, they tried an oily mixture. This failed, too.

The firefighters had to think about what to do next. They decided to take the pole with the feline inside it to the animal shelter. After they did this, white coated humans sedated the feline. And then, they were able to free the feline from the pole.

White coated humans examined the feline, and found the cat was healthy. They decided to observe the feline overnight. If everything is okay, they will put the feline up for adoption.

This feline will not have to wait long to be adopted, though. One of the firefighters already offered to adopt the cat.

Diabetic Cat Artemis Needs a Home

Furiends, when humans bring small humans into their lives, usually, the feline in the home adapts. We felines sometimes get very annoyed by small humans. But eventually, most felines learn to at least tolerate small humans. Unfortunately for a diabetic cat named Artemis, this is not the case.

Artemis is an eight year old black and white feline living in Washougal, Washington. Her humans have lived with her since she was a tiny feline, and they are very sad about what they have to do. You see, Artemis just does not like small humans. She runs away and hides from the three year old small human. And the house has another small human coming.

Diabetic Cat Artemis Is Looking for a Home
Diabetic Cat Artemis Is Looking for a Home

Her humans are heartbroken about having to find a new home for her. But they know this is the right thing to do. Artemis needs to go to a home where she is not hiding all the time.

When Artemis is not hiding, she likes to be near her humans. She does not solicit pets, but if adult humans want to give them to her, she will gladly accept them. And Artemis enjoys being up high on a cat tree. There, she can observe everything that is happening in her home.

At night, the more friendly side of Artemis comes out. She likes to hop into the bed to sleep near her humans. There, she can get the back scratches she likes. And if you want to play with her before bed, string toys get her going.

Artemis is like me when it comes to managing her diabetes. She gets two meals a day and she gets two three unit insulin shots each day. The kind humans at Diabetic Cats in Need think they may be able to help reduce that.

Do you have a home without small humans where Artemis can enjoy herself? If you do, please contact her human. And if you cannot take this feline in, please share her story so that others can.