August 12 Blood Sugar Readings

Good morning, furiends. It is time for me to tell you about my blood sugar readings for the week. It has definitely been a hot few weeks here. The human is not happy about having to run the air conditioning all the time. Koji and I do not like being unable to go onto the balcony, either.

The human says this is because it is just too hot. And when Koji and I sneaked past the human onto the balcony, I have to say I agree. It is very warm out there!

No need to work on the fur tan when it is so hot. Besides, there are sun puddles in the home for Koji and me to use to get some sun. And when we get tired of them, we relax in the darker areas of the home and cool down.

This Feline is Cooling Down

But enough of how hot it is, furiends. On to my blood sugar readings. For the week, my blood sugar readings averaged 156. That is a lot lower than the week before, when they averaged 180. But either way, they are fine. These readings are well below the level where I will start to get complications from diabetes.

The other good thing about my blood sugar readings for the week is that none of them were so low that the human got worried. We had one test with results that made the human skip my insulin shot. But that reading still did not make the human get concerned.

Well, furiends, I am off to go and try to keep cool. The human noticed that when it is hot, I groom myself more. I am a smart feline, after all, and know that being a little damp helps keep me cooler.

I will tell you about my blood sugar readings next Monday. Until then, stay cool if it is hot where you live, furiends!

Diabetic Cat Elvis Is Searching for a Home

We diabetic cats need to stick together. So when I heard from Diabetic Cats in Need about a feline named Elvis looking for a home, I had to share his story. And furiends, if you want to help a diabetic cat without having to spend lots of green paper things, then Elvis is the cat for you.

You see, the kind humans at Hearts that Purr Feline Guardians have Elvis in a foster home. If a kind human makes Elvis a forever foster, they are willing to pay the green paper things needed to treat his diabetes! Furiends, that means you will not have to pay for the insulin, testing supplies, and vet care that goes along with taking care of Elvis.

Help Diabetic Cat Elvis
Help Diabetic Cat Elvis

Elvis is a friendly cat, and he likes interacting with his people. The kind humans at Hearts that Purr Feline Guardians have been trying to find him a home for a long time. But because he is diabetic, they are not having much luck. Do not get me wrong, furiends. Elvis enjoys his life with his foster humans. But he would like a home of his own, whether it’s a permanent foster home or a furever home.

Furiends, this is a good way for people in the Tucson area to help a diabetic cat. Whoever helps Elvis can take care of him without worrying about green paper things. They will get to see for themselves how easy it is to care for a diabetic cat. And they will learn how easy it actually is.

Do you think you could do this for Elvis? If you do, please contact the kind humans at Hearts that Purr Feline Guardians. And if you cannot, please share his story. If you do that, more people will learn about Elvis and one of them can help.

Today is International Cat Day

Hello, furiends, and happy international cat day! Oh, you did not know about this day? Well, that is okay. Many humans who love felines do not know about today. I will tell you a little more about it.

Today is International Cat Day
Today is International Cat Day

International Cat Day was created in 2002 by the humans at the International Fund for Animal Welfare. This organization started their work in 1969, and they are working in 40 countries. They rescue individual animals, work to prevent animal cruelty, and advocate for the protection of wildlife and habitats.

To celebrate International Cat Day, I will tell you some things you may not know about your furry family members.

First, we felines have lived with you humans for about 9,500 years. Archaeologists found bones of a feline buried next to a human in Cyprus. When they did testing, they found out the bones were about 9,500 years old and the published their findings in the journal Science in 2004.

You probably know that we bengal cats are expensive, with the cost for a kitten running into thousands of dollars. But did you know that one human paid over $41,000 for a bengal cat like me? This happened in 1998. But do not worry, furiends. If you want a bengal cat in your home, and you must be ready for all of our antics, you can find one through a rescue. That is how the human found all of the bengal cats that have been in his life.

You also probably know that the average indoor feline lives for around 15 years. That is a long time, but one feline lived a lot longer. A feline in Austin, Texas lived to be 38. Her name was Creme Puff, and she lived from 1967 to 2005. Furiends, that means she lived from before humans walked on the moon all the way through the sequencing of the human genome.

Furiends, I hope I shared some interesting things you did not know about us felines on International Cat Day. Now go and give your feline lots of pets to help us celebrate! Actually, you should do that every day, so do something special for your four legged furiend.