Hello, everyone.  If I’m not the most connected diabetic cat out there, I think I’m close.  I have a page on Facebook, and a Twitter feed, and I decided to start a blog to let people know about diabetic cats like me and what challenges we face.

I will update you on what’s happening with me as I deal with the challenges that feline diabetes presents.  But regardless of those challenges, there is one thing you have to remember.

For the right human, who has the resources and the time to commit to taking care of a diabetic cat, we are just as happy, playful, and loving as any cat.  Just ask my human.  I love him and he loves me!

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2 Replies to “Welcome!”

  1. What is everyone feeding their diabetic cats? I have Clyde on a higher protein low carb, grain free diet of both canned and dry foods. He eats Merrrick BG Salmon dry food and various seafood flavors of BFF canned food. Unfortunately since I have two other cats I cannot put out specific diabetic food as my vet has said it would not be good for the other kitties to eat.
    Thanks for any input anyone might have!

    1. That is my human’s challenge as well, Clyde. He is trying to get me and Jacey to eat about two thirds wet and one third dry. But Jacey and I like our crunchies, so sometimes he is forced to give us more dry than he wants.

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