My Blood Sugar is Back Under Control

Blood Sugar TestingYou may remember that last week, just a few days after hearing from the veterinarian that our blood sugar levels relatively well controlled, we saw a big spike that scared my human.

The latest few readings calmed him down.  We haven’t seen that really high number even though some of the readings have come in higher than we wanted.

Since we saw that spike all the way up to 641, we’ve seen much better readings.  We saw a reading of 298 that evening, so whatever it was that caused the spike wasn’t duplicated.

The next morning, it went back up to 338.  But then we got two readings that were much better, with a reading of 222 and then 152 Sunday morning.  It was too high Sunday evening, climbing back up to 315.

And Monday morning brought some more mediocre news, with a reading at 308.

But even that 308 level is tolerable.  Obviously my human would be much happier if it had stayed around 150, but that was not to be.

The bad part of this is that it means that I will not be able to go to once a day testing.  The fluctuations are too much.

But my human is just happy that the really high blood sugar level wasn’t a sign of things to come.  Who knows what I did to get my blood sugar level so high.  If my human did, he’d try to keep me from doing it!

Do you have any questions or comments?  Please let me know and I’ll have my human answer them for you.  And please, share my story so more people know about diabetic cats like me.


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