Resources for Diabetic Cats

When humans learn that they have a diabetic cat, a lot of things go through their mind.  The first thing that went through my human’s mind was whether or not I was going to get really sick and die.  Fortunately, he took me to the vet in time so that I didn’t get sick.  But we felines are just like you humans.  If you leave our diabetes unchecked for a long time, we will get sick.

According to the College of Veterinary Medicine at Cornell University, untreated feline diabetes will shorten a cat’s life.  Diabetic cats like me who do not get treated with insulin are prone to suffer from a life threatening condition called ketoacedosis.  Cats suffering from this condition lose their appetite, start to vomit, get diarrhea, become lethargic and weak, and don’t breath right.  They can also develop unhealthy skin, liver disease, and bacterial infections.  Additionally, diabetic cats who are not treated can develop a condition called diabetic neuropathy.  This causes their limbs, especially their back ones, to get weaker.

So obviously, treatment is needed.  But you humans don’t always have access to a vet, and even if you did, it would be expensive.  However, if you’re like my human, you have access to the internet.

And there are some very good resources for people looking for how to take care of their diabetic cats.

One of the best is the Feline Diabetes Message Board.  This site has more than 6,000 members, and they have posted nearly 100,000 comments!  You can do a search on the board to find information on topics you want.

Humans treating diabetic cats often don’t have access to a specialist like I do.  Many vets don’t have the training needed to handle complex feline diabetes cases.  But people who are experts share information on this board, making it a great source for people who are learning.  And my human tells me he is always learning more about diabetic cats.

Boeringher Ingelheim Vetmedica, the maker of Prozinc, created a site for humans with diabetic cats.  It is designed for someone who just had their cat diagnosed, and it answers the questions many people have.  The site is called, quite simply, My Cat Has Diabetes.

The last source of information we’ll point you to is Wikipedia’s entry on Diabetes in Cats.  It is an extensive source of information, and it directs you to many places for additional reading.

Whether you’re just interested in diabetic cats, or have one of your own, these are nice sources of information that my human has turned to. Hopefully they’ll be useful for you, too.

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