March 1 Blood Sugar Update

Head bonks and purrs to everyone.  Many of you have asked me to tell you what is going on with my blood sugar levels.

They have been much better lately.  The day after I last talked to you about my blood sugar levels, which was the 25th, a funny thing happened.  My morning and evening readings were exactly the same!  And they were both good, with readings of 170.  If we only could have stayed at that level, my human would have been very happy.

Blood CellsBut the next morning, my blood sugar reading climbed above that 300 threshold.  It more than doubled, going up to 352.  The evening reading was better, dropping down to 301. Since the meter’s only so accurate, we’ll say that’s okay.

Things got better on the 28th, with my blood sugar level dropping down to 267.  And the evening readings, while once again above that 300 threshold, weren’t too bad.  My blood sugar came in at 304.

So we are likely back to where we were before the spike all the way past 600.  That really high reading was an outlier.

My human is still not satisfied with my blood sugar readings, though.  They’re still higher than we want, although not critical.

I’m definitely being rambunctious and playful, though.  My human has seen me chasing my tail quite a bit.  Plus, Jacey usually ambushes me.  Lately, I’ve been ambushing her in my own way.

Jacey will hide around the corner and pounce on me, and then the scuffling is on.  We play fight, and nobody gets hurt, but it’s fun.

But since I am so much bigger than Jacey, I don’t bother to ambush her.  I just walk over to her and pounce.  And she is such a sweet girl.  So instead of really scuffling with me, what she does is kind of just tolerate it for a while and then she runs off.

We two felines are a source of constant entertainment for our human.  He says we’re well worth every penny he pays to take care of us!

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