Cat Reflections Cat of the Day!

I am so happy to be honored by Cat Reflections.  They selected me as their cat of the day for March 3.  Hopefully this will mean more humans learn about me so that they can visit my Facebook page and become my furiends.

Then I can help them learn more about diabetic cats.

Bagheera the Diabetic CatThose of you who have been voting for me in the Modern Cat contest have seen this picture before.  But don’t I look good in it?

Here is what the humans at Cat Reflections said about me.

Bagheera started his life on the wrong foot. Literally. Because he is polydactyl, his Bengal breeder gave him to a rescue group. His human loved the tiny kitten with the so-called defect and adopted him. In 2012, Bagheera was diagnosed with diabetes. He gets twice daily insulin shots and is on a low-carb diet. He wants humans everywhere to know that diabetic cats require more time and money to keep but they are just as loving and playful as any cat.

I want to thank all of your humans, both those of you who have been supporting me all along, and those of you who are visiting for the first time.

Please come back and see me again.  I love educating humans about feline diabetes and this is just one of the ways I am trying to do this.

And if you have questions about feline diabetes, please send them to my human.  You can leave them in the comments here, write them on my Facebook page or send them to me on Twitter.  My human is always looking for more good stories to write.  Your question could be the inspiration for a good story!

For me and for all the other special needs cats out there like me, thank you.  I send you head bonks, paw taps, and sandpaper kisses!

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