A Phone Call With the Veterinarian

Yesterday, my human got a call from the veterinarian.  One of the most important things to do for a diabetic cat like me with a relatively difficult case is to monitor the blood sugar levels.  You can see the process in this video

It’s not fun, but it’s something he has to do twice a day.  And I don’t lay there like that.  I squirm a lot and I also yelp when the lancet hits my ear.  My human is able to scruff me and hold my ear with one hand while he does the testing with the other, so he makes it work.  I don’t get too mad at him, although I let him know I don’t like it.

So while my human was doing this over the past week and sharing some of the readings with you on Twitter, one thing he didn’t do is update the online spreadsheet that his veterinarian set up for him.  He was a slacker human and I will bite him for doing this.  Since he draws blood from me, maybe I will draw blood from him.

He updated the information this morning, and talked to the veterinarian.  TheTalking about Blood Sugar Readings for a Diabetic Caty told him that he should be commended for all the work he has done to take care of a diabetic cat like me.  Apparently, my case is considered a difficult one.  So while he’s not truly satisfied with the blood sugar levels he’s seeing, it’s relatively well controlled for diabetic cats with tough cases like mine.

My human is stubborn, however.  He continues to work at getting my blood sugar levels under better control, even though they tell him things are relatively well controlled.

What this likely means, though, is that the hope of going to once a day testing is likely going to remain that.  A hope.  It’s just not realistic for me based on the readings we’ve seen since I was diagnosed as a diabetic cat.

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