A Diabetic Cat’s Veterinarians: Part One

I have had three veterinarians in the eight years I’ve been alive.  You would think a diabetic cat would have more!

Today I will tell you about the first veterinarian that my human took me to.  She is the one who did the most work on me.  The other veterinarians in my life have examined me and diagnosed me as a diabetic cat, but my human does most of the work.

My human was living in Maryland at the time, and he received good care for his other cat, who became my furiend, Pepe at the Gaithersburg Veterinary ClinThe First Veterinary Clinic for Bagheera the Diabetic Catic. So naturally, he took me there.  In the county where I used to live, even indoor cats like me needed to get certain vaccinations.  So he took me there to get them.

That is where I got my first experience with the owner of the practice, Dr. Bonnie Hileman.  She was a native of the area, and returned there to set up her practice.  She was very good at handling me, and my human insisted on working with her.

When I became a little older, he took me in to get fixed.  I am still unhappy about getting that surgery, and I remind my human that I know where his are by stepping on them when he is lying down or sitting.  He thinks I just step there accidentally, but I’m smarter than he gives me credit for.

I also had surgery there to remove my front dew claws.  My human didn’t believe in removing any cat’s claws, but this was different.  My dew claws kept getting ingrown into my paw pads.  So after discussing it with Dr. Hileman, he decided to have only the dew claws removed.  He left me there overnight, and came to pick me up the next day.

My human knew for sure I was his kind of cat when I got home.  I attacked the scratching post like I normally would, but because I just had the surgery, one of my paws started to bleed.

I just stopped, licked my paw, and went back to scratching.  This is something my human loved seeing.  He played hockey for decades and he’s got the same attitude.

This is also the veterinary clinic where my human got his first inkling of me possibly being a diabetic cat.  One of the my blood tests came back with elevated blood sugar levels.  But a more extensive examination showed that I wasn’t a diabetic cat, so my human was happy and thought that was it.  If only that was true.

I don’t live in the area anymore but I have fond memories of that clinic.  If you live in the area, I definitely recommend them.

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