Blood Sugar Report for March 8

As you know, one of the most important things for diabetic cats like me to do is to keep track of our blood sugar levels.  To give you some idea of how blood sugar fluctuates, I will keep you updated on mine.

Blood Sugar Levels for Bagheera the Diabetic CatFor the week, I saw some fluctuations, but lately, my blood sugar levels have remained fairly constant, at slightly over 300.

There’s only one really bad reading for the week, with the morning reading for March 1 coming in at 424.  That is way too high, but it looks like that was an outlier.

I had four good readings, though, to offset that bad one.  I got four readings where my blood sugar readings were in the 100s.  I am very happy when I get those readings, and so is my human.

And my average blood sugar reading for the week is tolerable, coming in at 283.  This is below the threshold where bad things start to happen to my body so we will take that.

Still, my human doesn’t think these blood sugar levels are good.  So he’s going to work with the vet and look at other resources to help get things better.

Ideally, we want my blood sugars to be in the 100s consistently.  That is still higher than what you would see with a non-diabetic cat, but that’s not who I am.  I am diabetic, and so we will tolerate a higher blood sugar reading than normal.

My human sometimes gets frustrated, not at me, but at my blood sugar readings.  He really wants me to be healthy and happy, and when I’m not, it makes him sad.  He would be happy if he could just give me two shots a day, and test once or twice a week like some lucky diabetic cats.  But it doesn’t look like that’s going to happen with me.

He still loves me, though, and I give him head bonks, sandpaper kisses, and purr at him to let him know he’s doing a good job.

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2 Replies to “Blood Sugar Report for March 8”

  1. Oh, this looks a lot like the blood sugar reports I have for Charly. I see that you’re giving high doses of insulin. Which insulin do you use? And have you thought about the so-called “Somogyi- effect”? Maybe giving LESS insulin helps to get LOWER blood sugar levels. 😉
    Besides that I’ve seen that you change the dose significantly very often. This isn’t good for the whole organism of a cat. It’s said that it usually takes a few days until a cat adjusts to a new dose.
    I’m never changing the dose for more than 0.5 units in a day, and that is for emergencies only. Usually I’m adjusting in steps of 0.25 units if needed!
    We started with such high doses on Caninsulin two years ago, up to 6 units, twice a day. After changing the insulin (we’re using Lantus now, I hope it has the same name in the US, it’s “insulin glargin” if that helps) we’re down to about 1 unit per shot. 😉
    I’m sorry if this sounds a bit like I’m a know-it-all (I’m not! *laughs*) but it’s what I thought first when seeing your chart.
    Maybe you’d like to drop me a line or two so we could chat about it? 😉
    Have a nice day (or night, I’m always confused when it comes to time zones around the world)! 😉

    1. Hi, Sabine. My human isn’t quitting. He’s going to get more data points before he comes back. He really believes that I’m not crashing like everyone thinks and that I need a high dose, so he wants to show the kind humans at Feline Diabetes Message Board that we can do the other things because my blood sugar won’t get dangerously low.

      They are leery of working with him with the high doses that I seem to need, and he doesn’t want to go to a low dose because he knows what that does to my blood sugar.

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