Meet Michelangelo — Another Diabetic Cat

Hello to all you pawsome humans.  Today I want to introduce you to a very special furiend of mine.  Michelangelo is another diabetic cat, but there’s a twist.  Most diabetic cats develop the disease when they get older.  I was diagnosed with it when I was seven.

Michelangelo the Diabetic CatMichelangelo is different, because he’s a kitten!  He was rescued by his human at about six weeks of age after his mother moved his two brothers and never came back for him.  You see, Michelangelo was the smallest of the litter, and his mother is a feral cat.  We felines are smarter than you humans give us credit for, and his mother probably figured he wasn’t going to make it.

She had good reason to think this, because he was half the size of his siblings.  Developmentally, he had only progressed to about five weeks, and he had a really nasty case of coccidia which required two rounds of treatment to clear up.  And when Michelangelo’s human rescued him, soon after, the poor guy lost all of his whiskers.  They have grown back, but sometimes, they curl up and fall off.

Michelangelo the Diabetic CatMichelangelo has really progressed.  His human’s friend, who still sees his semi-feral brothers, said that Michelangelo has gone from being the runt of the litter to more than twice his brother’s size.  And since they think he is part Maine coon, he’s going to get even bigger!

Everything looked great for Michelangelo but then he got a urinary tract infection.  When he went to the veterinarian to get checked, they discovered he had a very elevated blood sugar level.  Because he was so young, his human was hopeful that it would clear up, but unfortunately, that didn’t happen.  So now his human is treating him for diabetes.

There are very few diabetic kittens, so his human is pretty much writing the book on how to treat this disease.  Event though Michelangelo is a kitten, in some ways, he is just like me.  He gets two insulin shots a day.  His human is on a different treatment plan that I am, so that means the poor guy gets more ear sticks than I do.  But he’s still a playful and fun kitten, and he’s shown his human lots of love.

His human has put together a spreadsheet of Michelangelo’s blood sugar levels.  Hopefully more veterinarians will learn about how to treat diabetic kittens because of his human’s extensive record keeping.

Michelangelo is another diabetic cat who shows that no matter how old we are, for the right human, we are fun, loving and playful creatures who make purrfect pets!

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