Say Hello to Diabetic Cat Smog

I hope you humans are having a good day.  Today I want to introduce you to another diabetic cat.  His name is Smog.

Smog the Diabetic CatSmog has his own Facebook page, just like me, and you’ll find pictures of him.  Just like me, Smog’s human has to deal with the challenges that caring for a diabetic cat presents.  And if you ask either of our humans, they will tell you that those challenges are well worth it because we are as loving and playful as any cat!

Smog started his life with his humans after they adopted him from the Bath Cat and Dogs Home.  His human’s parents were very kind, rescuing three kittens from that home, and one of them was Smog.

Like most kittens, Smog was a ravenous guy.  And he grew into a very big boy with the appetite to match.  His human says he ate just about anything.

About two years ago, his human noticed something wasn’t quite right.  Smog started drinking a lot of water, and he started becoming lethargic.  His human took him to the veterinarian, and he was diagnosed as a diabetic cat.

To treat his diabetes, just like me, his veterinarian put him on insulin.  Smog now gets two shots a day of insulin.  He has also been put on a weight control diet, which seems to be working.  Smog has lost a lot of weight.Smog the Diabetic Cat

His human has to monitor Smog’s diet carefully.  And Smog doesn’t always make it easy.  Smog still has that big appetite, and it’s not just for the food he is supposed to eat..  He will eat anything he gets his paws on!

Some of the things that Smog has eaten that he’s not supposed to are bread and lumps of butter as well as pop corn.  And Smog is a British gentleman, so he doesn’t eat what we Americans call potato chips.  He calls them crisps, thank you very much.

I hope you will go over to Smog’s page and say hello.

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