Update on My Fellow Bengal Cat Duke

You may remember that I told you the story a few days ago about Duke, my fellow bengal cat who was adopted in 2006, but ended up living as a street cat for three years.  As tough and adaptable as we bengal cats are, that’s not a good situation for any cat, much less one who grew up indoors. So poor Duke got very sick.  In fact, if he didn’t have a chip that led the shelter to the human who fostered Duke, he would have been put down as soon as a veterinarian was available.

But thanks to that microchip, Duke is alive today and with a human who loves him.  He is doing much better.  His human says that he is starting to get much more vocal, now that he knows he is safe among humans who will take care of him.  And he is wolfing down his food — no surprise for a cat who lost half his body weight!

Duke the Bengal Cat In His Kitty Condo HammockAnd Duke is gaining some strength, too.  His human said that he discovered the hammock at the top of his kitty condo, which required Duke to do some climbing.  As soon as Duke discovered this hammock, he had a look on his face that showed he was so happy to have it.  If that look wasn’t enough, his purring and rolling around on the hammock sure did.

One way you humans can tell if we are doing okay or not is by looking at the things you toss as soon as you discover them in the litter box.  When Duke was sick, those were runny and soft.  Now, he’s got fully formed ones.  This is a good sign that he’s recovering.

Duke is also starting to grow fur back in where he had bare skin.  This is another good sign.

All in all, it looks like my fellow bengal cat Duke will recover and do well.  That makes me very happy, because we bengal cats need to stick together!

If you’d like to help Duke’s human with the bills from the veterinarian, please donate to the Bengal Rescue Network.

Thanks to all you wonderful humans for caring about my fellow bengal cat!

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