The Drama of A Diabetic Cat’s Move

Hello, kind humans.  I want to apologize to you for not being around for the past few days.  My human, Jacey, and I moved on Friday afternoon.  We didn’t go very far, around a mile away from where we were.  But there was a lot of drama for this diabetic cat.

My human brought two strange humans into the house, and they started moving the really big things.  They took everything out of the apartment.  Jacey and I decided that we would just go into the bathroom to get out of the way.

Then after the strangers moved the really big and heavy stuff, my human came back and moved other things by himself.  He didn’t even leave a chair or any of the plants for me and Jacey!

We knew something was up, but we didn’t know what.  So we were very unhappy when our human captured us and put us in cages!  I hopped out of the cage one time and took a big chunk out of my human’s arm.  He deserved it, trying to put me in a cage like that.  The last time he did that, I went to the specialist veterinarian and that was not fun.  Talk about adding stress for a diabetic cat and elevating my blood sugar levels!

Jacey is nicer than I am, so she went into the cage.  And then my human put us in this strange contraption that he called a cargo van.  We got to sit in the front, and we let him know we were not happy.

It didn’t take long for us to get to the new place, but it felt like it was forever.  Jacey and I complained the entire way there.  My human was planning on taking us up last, but because we complained so much, he took us up right away.

Well, we went under the bed to calm down.  It took a long time for us to come out to investigate.  I didn’t even eat dinner, and missed my evening shot.  But when we did, we found there were lots of things we liked.  We like the big windows that let light in, and we like to sit in sunlight from there.

We also liked the balcony.  But Jacey was bad, so we will not be going outside without our human right there.  She was walking on the balcony rail and we are on the fourth floor, so my human didn’t like that.

A Diabetic Cat Relaxes with his Girlfriend in his New PlaceBut we like it here now.  You can see us relaxing on the bed together.  My human wanted to lie down, but Jacey and I were there first.  Too bad for him!

There are so many things for us to investigate and play with, and the hardwood floor is fun to run around on.

Lots of drama for a diabetic cat, but I am happy now.  My blood sugar actually has declined since we moved here!

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