Meet Jack And Loki

Today I want you to meet a couple of four legged furiends who are not felines, not diabetic cats, but who you should know about anyway.

Of course these two dogs are not diabetic catsJack and Loki are two dogs who were rescued by the same humans about a year apart.  Now they are best buddies and they love to cuddle, wrestle, and share adventures with each other and their humans.  These two buddies love to play on the beach and the dog park.  And of course, they like to be walked.

I am going to have to have a word with my human about the beach.  Jacey and I need to see it.  And how come you humans don’t have cat parks?  I have heard about the walks that my canine furiends go on, but since that means we will be on a leash we can ignore those.  Jacey and I do not like the idea of a leash!

But these two canine furiends are doing something very good for all four legged creatures.  They are participating in the San Diego Human Society’s Walk for the Animals.

Jack and Loki’s humans understand first hand how hard it is to help find furever homes for four legged furiends.  The animals need help from the community to do this.  And they are part of the program that is attempting to make all shelters no kill shelters.  The San Diego Humane Society is a no kill shelter so that’s a start.

I would participate and so would Jacey, but we are NOT walking on a leash for two miles.  If our human thinks we are doing that, well, if he thinks I got mad when he wanted to bring back all sorts of big cats from the zoo, he hasn’t see anything!

Jack and Loki’s humans are shooting for a very ambitious goal.  Nobody has raised more than $4,000 since 2006, but they want to raise $5,000 for furry friends like me.

I made my human donate to them as part of the Giver Games.  You humans have been so kind to this diabetic cat and you say such nice things about me.  Can you help Jack and Loki’s humans raise money so that other diabetic cats and homeless pets can find homes?

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