Bently the Diabetic Cat and Skye Need Help

Hello, everyone.  Today I want to let you know about Bently and Skye.  These two cats live in Pennsylvania, and their human cannot take them with her when she moves.  That means that these two cats need a home.

Bently the Diabetic CatBently is the diabetic cat and Skye isn’t suffering from the disease.  It is kind of like me and Jacey, with the boy being a diabetic and the girl not.  This isn’t really a surprise, because diabetes strikes more male cats than female cats.

Bently was a big boy, but he has lost some weight since being diagnosed with diabetes in May of 2012.  He has not received any insulin since July of 2012.  Bently’s human just can’t administer it to him.  She’s had some other problems keeping his diabetes in check, as she isn’t able to administer the blood sugar tests at home, either.

Bently is declawed, neutered, and up to date on all of his shots.  He eats Purina DM dry food and Fancy Feast wet food.

Skye and Bently should go to the same home, as they are bonded to each other.  Since they are bonded to each other, they get along very well.  Bently craves human attention a little more than Skye does.Bently the Diabetic Cat with Skye

Bently seems to be a diabetic cat whose condition can likely be taken care of with diet alone, although testing will need to be done before we can conclude that for sure.  And of course, Diabetic Cats in Need will provide the human who adopts these two furiends with all the information and training they need to keep the diabetes under control.

I am sure there is room in your heart for these two felines. If there is enough room in your home for them, please get in touch with Jenn at Diabetic Cats in Need.

But if there’s not enough room in your home for them, please share their story.

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