Help My Human’s Friend In Fashion for Paws

You may remember that my human and I used to live in Maryland, right outside of Washington DC.  We moved to San Diego together in the fall of 2010, and I was all set to soak up the Southern California sun but then I was diagnosed as a diabetic cat.

Before I moved to San Diego with my human, one of his friends became one of mine.  She took care of me when my human would travel, and she has cats of her own.  She is also active in animal related causes.

My human’s friend is Jennifer Barrett, and she is one of the models for Fashion for Paws.

Fashion for PawsFashion for Paws is an event that combines models walking down the runway with fundraising for the Washington Humane Society.  The models, including my human’s friend Jennifer, have committed to raise at least $5,000 in order to participate.

The first Fashion for Paws was held in 2007.  The six shows that have been held so far have generated $2.2 million for the Washington Humane Society.  There have been a number of big names that have participated in the event, including Val Kilmer, Marie Osmond, and a number of local and national media figures.

Help the human for these cats in Fashion for PawsThis is not the only animal welfare organization that my human’s friend Jennifer supports.  She volunteers on a large animal sanctuary in Montgomery County Maryland.  And she rescued two cats herself.  My human took care of them when she was traveling and he told me they were just as fun as I was.

Can you help Jennifer raise money for the Washington Humane Society?  The event takes place tomorrow, so whatever you can give right now would help.  And if you can’t donate, share this so someone can.

As Jennifer likes to conclude her fundraising emails, for the animals.

Including this diabetic cat.

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