Say Hello to Diabetic Cat Dominique

Diabetic Cat Dominique Needs a Furever HomeMeet Dominique.  She is a large tuxedo cat.  She’s been spayed and yes, some human decided to declaw her.  She was diagnosed as a diabetic cat around the same time as me, in the summer of 2012.  But she is almost twice as old as me and will turn 15 this year.

And she is a very loving cat.  She loves to snuggle into your neck and purr like crazy.  She loves humans, and loves to eat her canned food.  You know this girl is a kind cat because she even lets her humans test her without fussing.  Ask my human how I feel about that!

One issue that Dominique has is that she’s not as mobile as she used to be.  She’s a very distinguished older lady, and she isn’t happy that she can’t move as well as she used to when she was younger.Adopt diabetic cat Dominique

But now she is on Adequan and that seems to be helping with her mobility.  She still waddles when she walks, but she seems to be doing better.  And she can hop onto the furniture, which she wasn’t able to do when she was first put into foster care with Diabetic Cats in Need.

The biggest challenge for any human that adopts this sweet diabetic cat is that she has a litter box issue.  She will go into the litter box, but unfortunately, due to her lack of mobility, she overshoots the box.  Her foster human has managed to take care of this by putting large storage container lids by the entrance of the litter box in order to catch the overshoot.

But Dominique more than makes up for that challenge by being a wonderful lap cat.  This girl may be old, but she has lots of love to give to the right human.  It will have to be a human who is willing to deal with the challenges she faces, but if that’s you, this is what you’ll get.

Are you that special human?  If you are, please contact Jenn at Diabetic Cats in Need.  And if you aren’t, please share this so that sweet diabetic cat Dominique can find that special human.

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