Create a Happy Ending for Big Boy

Big Boy is a fellow diabetic cat who has a very sad story.  Can you kind humans write a happy ending to it?

Big Boy the Diabetic CatThis is Big Boy.  As you can tell, he is a handsome Maine Coon.  His story is a sad one.  Apparently, Big Boy was semi-feral at some point.  He was living in the basement of the mother of the human who eventually took him in.  Poor Big Boy was kept down there because he didn’t like humans very much.

The human who took Big Boy in found him in the basement of his mother’s home when his mother passed away.  So poor Big Boy had already lost one human.

His human took him in and did a lot of work to socialize Big Boy.  His efforts were rewarded, as Big Boy warmed up a lot to his human.  After all, Big Boy’s human was able to test his blood sugar levels and give him insulin shots.  How much work do you think would be needed to get a semi-feral cat to allow this?  A lot, that’s for sure.Big Boy the Diabetic Cat

Unfortunately, Big Boy’s human recently passed away.  The daughter of the human who was taking care of Big Boy wants to have this boy euthanized, because he is an older cat.  But Big Boy is 11, and he’s got lots of life left.

His former human’s ex-wife is a very kind person.  She is driving an hour twice a day to give Big Boy his insulin shot.  This is a lot to ask for from any human, especially one with lupus.

Big Boy does not have a lot of time left.  If he doesn’t find a home soon, it is likely he will be euthanized.  But this sweet diabetic cat has come so far and for a human who is willing to work with him, there’s no question he will reward that effort with lots of love.

If you can’t help Big Boy, please share this so that someone can help him.  He had a home, but that fell through and now he’s back on borrowed time.  If you have room in your heart and home for Big Boy, please contact Trudy.

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