A Yoga Pose This Diabetic Cat Can’t Do

You may remember that I wrote about how even a diabetic cat like me can do poses that my human can only dream of doing, even though he has been practicing yoga for years.  Well, today, he came and told me that he can do a pose that I can’t do.

Even a diabetic cat like me dose a better cat pose than thisRemember how I told you that no matter how well he does his cat pose, it is nothing like what Jacey and I do without even trying?

That is the cat pose that my human does in yoga class.  I am sorry, but that looks nothing like what Jacey and I do.  And while I give my human credit for trying, it just isn’t as graceful or elegant as what we do without trying at all.

After all, we are cats.  The best you humans can do is merely imitate us.  And imitation is nothing like the real thing.  So Jacey and I think it’s cute that he tries, but we always remind him that we are cats, and no matter how much yoga he does, he will never be as flexible and graceful as us.

Well, today, he told us that he had a pose that we couldn’t do.  We looked at hm, and kind of thought, silly human.  There’s no way there’s any pose you can do A diabetic cat can't do this posethat we can’t.  We are just more flexible than you are.

And then he showed us this pose.  It’s called wheel pose, and he is right.  We cannot do this.  We are much more flexible than he is, but our spine only bends one way.  Cats cannot make their spine bend backwards like you humans can.  So this is a pose we cannot do.

But Jacey and I have figured out how to get at our human when he does this.  When he does, this diabetic cat will jump on top of his stomach.  Let’s see if he can hold that pose with 16 pounds on top of his stomach.  If that doesn’t work, Jacey will join me.

We think that the wheel will collapse.  That will serve our human right for showing us graceful felines up.

You would think that because I am a diabetic cat, I am sweet.  And I am.  But I will not allow my human to show me up.

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  1. Just followed y’all on Twitter- @sdtips just was stunned to see you are in San Diego, too. It’ll be nice to follow your blog… As we travel the same kitty diabetes path… err rollercoaster. Thanks for writing it. I found it just after putting the meter down in frustration.

    No need to post this comment.

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