Update on Missy the Diabetic Cat

Hello, everyone.  My human tells me some of you call today Sunday Funday.  Well, it certainly has been a fun day for this diabetic cat.  The fun started this morning when my human let what he told me are good bugs out.  I guess you humans call them lady bugs.  They were in a sealed pouch, and he wanted to let tA Diabetic Cat Wonders Why These Are in His Homehem out in the balcony garden.  But he came inside to open the pouch, and that meant some of them escaped.

Of course, Jacey and I saw these spotted bugs and were fascinated by them.  We were observing them, and just like cats, we swatted at them.  Our human told us to stop, so we eventually did.  But that was a fun way to start the day!

And my day got even better. You may remember that a fellow diabetic cat named Missy had a death sentence commuted by a kind human.  The human who took Missy into her home and heart wrote to me and told me about what’s happening.

Missy is now running around the house like she is a kitten again, exploring and having fun.  Her human says that someone forgot to tell Missy that she is eleven years old because she’s acting like an eleven month kitten!Diabetic Cat Missy is Happy in Her New Home

As the second cat into the home, Missy is learning to live with the resident cat, whose name is Chairman.  They have learned to respect each other’s space.  Hopefully they will become good furiends soon.

But the best news is that Missy’s blood sugar readings are excellent.  The home readings are very similar to what her humans are getting at the veterinarian’s office.  This means that Missy is likely a broken diabetic, and she will not need insulin.  Her humans will reduce the number of ear sticks she gets, and concentrate on keeping her diabetes in check with diet and exercise.

This story makes my little feline heart beat a little faster.  I hope it makes your big human heart do the same.

Missy is another case of a diabetic cat needing a little more attention and care but showing that there is nothing wrong with her heart or her ability to get into your heart.

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2 Replies to “Update on Missy the Diabetic Cat”

  1. Thanks Bagheera! If you have the ability to help a special needs cat or dog please do. We’ve only had Missy a little over a month but we can’t imagine that she would would’ve been put down due to her condition and age; she is loving and friendly and is already a big part of our lives. We wouldn’t have know about her without Bagheera’s help; it takes a little more money and time but please consider giving an older and/or special needs animal a shot if you have the means. Missy is our third older and special needs animal and we wouldn’t trade any of them for anything.

    1. It warms my little feline heart to know that I helped find Missy some wonderful humans who she can love so much. You are right. It takes extra money and time but we special needs animals have lots of love to give and we will give it to the right humans. I am glad you are one!

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