Lucky’s Recovery is Going Well

Hello, kind humans.  I hope you enjoyed Jacey’s guest blog from yesterday.  Well, this diabetic cat is back to writing again, and today I want to update you on what is happening with Lucky — A Survivor Kitty.  You may remember that Lucky was tortured by a cruel human who doused him with acid.  But the nice humans at the Homeless Animal Rescue Team took him in and treated him.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat wants you to Meet LuckyLucky’s recovery is going nicely.  Remember, when he was first taken in, he was in very bad shape.  This picture was after Lucky had received some treatment.  You can see his wounds are still very raw and that the acid almost got into his eye.

Despite the pain Lucky was feeling when he was like this, instead of lashing out, he was purring and making happy feet.

Lucky was scheduled to get surgery done on Thursday.  Because his skin was contracting as it healed, the idea was to put a flap of skin on the most raw area so that it would allow the skin to heal without distorting Lucky’s neck and face.  But Lucky was healing so well that instead of doing that, the surgeons at Parkway Vet Clinic decided he didn’t need it.  Instead, the surgery they did will help ease the pressure of his contracting wounds.

And Lucky looks much better.  Take a look at this picture of him now.  Sure looks a lot better, doesn’t it? Bagheera the Diabetic Cat wants you to Meet Lucky

See how his eye is just about healed up now?   That’s very important!  Lucky needs that to heal well so he can give you eye blink kisses.

And you can see a bandage, or what Lucky likes to call a scarf, around his neck.  That will help in the healing process also.

Lucky’s story is another one that shows that special needs cats, whether they are diabetic cats like me or cats who need surgery and veterinary care to recover from what evil humans did to them, are just as loving and fun as any cat without these challenges.  If you open your human heart to us, we will find a way to get in there.  And we will open our heart to you.

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