Pregnant, Beaten, Abused, and Needing Help

There is another cat who needs to have her story told.  Unfortunately, it is a very sad story.  You kind humans love us furry creatures, and while my human sometimes gets exasperated with me and Jacey, he would never do anything like what happened to poor Bindy.  This diabetic cat is very happy to have a human like mine who helps me and protects me.

You humans often do something to us called neutering us, so that we cannot produce other cats.  My human says it’s good that I was fixed because with my extra toes, if I wasn’t fixed, I might create a race of cats who take over the world with our extra thumbs!

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat wants you to Help BindyBindy did not have this done, and so she got pregnant.  And then her evil human, who didn’t deserve her, beat her because they said she was a bad cat for getting pregnant.  Sad, isn’t it, that a human who didn’t bother to have a cat neutered then decided to abuse that cat when it did what nature taught it to do?

She was beaten so badly that she needed an emergency spay to save her life because she was hemorrhaging.  The kittens inside her didn’t make it.  And you can see she lost an eye due to her abuse.

Michigan Cat Rescue took in this poor sweet girl, and their finances are not in good shape.  But they couldn’t turn away this sweet girl.  She is in the hospital and she is on an IV drip and antibiotics because she is in bad shape and isn’t eating.

Bindy deserves the same chance that many cats who are adopted out by organizations like Michigan Cat Rescue, who sent three cats to their furever home on the same weekend they took in Bindy.  She needs help, so please donate if you can, and share this if you can’t so that others can help.

Stories like Bindy’s remind me that while it’s no fun being a diabetic cat, having a human who loves me and will protect me makes me fortunate in many ways.

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2 Replies to “Pregnant, Beaten, Abused, and Needing Help”

  1. Hi,
    I am Nisha from Nepal.
    First of all, I really wish to thank you for doing such an amazing job-speaking up for the voiceless.
    The other reason why I am writing to you is because I am making a small video on animals to create awareness among the people of my country. The condition of animals in my country is appalling especially the stray dogs. People do not care and those who care are very rare and if any they cannot do anything because of the lack of good organizations, awareness and funds to support animals. There are over 20,000 stray dogs just in the capital city. I have no idea how many are there in other parts of the country. Most of the people here consider dogs and pets are a source of entertainment and when they fail to do so, they abuse them physically and mentally. I have witnessed many of such heart-wrenching acts but I cannot do anything against them because there are no laws on animal abuse or anything of that sort. And the condition of stray animals is even more heart breaking. Almost every single dog lives in a pitiful state, suffering from starvation, disease, maltreatment and skin disorders. Some dogs carry rabies. Throughout Nepal, 16,000 people get dog bites and over 200 people die of rabies every year. Hundreds are killed every month by vehicles. Talking about a recent issue, we are having a SAARC meeting in Nepal and the stray dogs are relocated. I wonder how thousands of dogs are going to survive in the same place. Some organizations raised voice against it, but in vain. That is the condition here. I cannot do much from my side and the least I can do is make people realize that animals are living beings too and they can feel the pain too which I believe many people do not take into consideration. For that purpose, I am making a small video and I found a picture on your website which would fit perfectly to my video. I would really appreciate if I could use that picture on my video. I would be posting the video on social networking sites as well. So, would it be okay for me to use pictures from your website? I would really appreciate your help.
    Thank you
    Kindest regards,

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