Update on Lucky and Bindy

Hello, kind humans.  Today, it is Friday.  Sometimes, that means that my human abandons his diabetic cat and Jacey in the evening after giving me my insulin shot, and comes home clumsier than normal.  And he smells funny, too.  I just don’t understand you humans sometimes.

But I do know that while some of you humans are evil, many of you are very, very kind to special needs cats, whether they are diabetic cats like me or ones with much more difficult challenges.  Today I wanted to share with you what is happening with two cats who are facing very tough recoveries from the bad things evil humans did to them.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's Furiend LuckyYou will remember Lucky, I’m sure.  Even though this ginger sweetheart was tortured by an evil human who poured acid on him, he has nothing but love to give.  His wounds are healing nicely, and he has nothing but head bonks, purrs and happy feet to give to the humans who are helping him.  He even wants to get tummy rubs.  Now imagine that.  This poor guy was abused but he wants tummy rubs from humans he doesn’t know very well.

Lucky probably has a number of surgeries to endure as he heals, but the kind humans at the Homeless Animal Rescue Team and Parkway Veterinary Clinic are committed to making sure he gets the care he needs.

I also shared with you Bindy’s story.  She was beaten and lost an eye because an evil human thought she needed to be punished for getting pregnant.  The kind humans at Michigan Cat Rescue took her in, and rushed her to the hospital to be taken care of.  She is doing better.Michigan Cat Rescue is Helping Bindy

While Bindy is not quite to the point where she is eating on her own, she is getting very close.  She is still being syringe fed for now.  And the congestion that Bindy had is clearing up, so that should make her more willing to eat on her own.  The best part is that Bindy has high spirits, is happy, and is starting to purr with her human caretakers!

These are two cats that you kind humans have helped so much.  You have shown so much love for special needs cats, whether they’re diabetic cats like me, or ones who are facing a more difficult road like Bindy and Lucky.

Oh, and please remember that the rescue groups that are helping Lucky and Bindy are staffed by volunteers.  So they may not be able to respond to you as quickly as they would like.  They are focused on helping the cats in their care.  Even if they don’t respond, know that they are being extra kind to their four legged furiends.

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