Happy Caturday from a Diabetic Cat

Hello, kind humans.  Today is Caturday and Jacey, our human, and I are enjoying ourselves.  Today we went out on the balcony to work on our fur tans.  And just because I am a diabetic cat doesn’t mean I can’t be mischievous.  Our human was getting coffee, and I decided that I would go ahead and eat one of the plants.  Well, it didn’t agree with my stomach, so I naturally got rid of it.  My human had to clean it up.

Happy Caturday from a Diabetic CatSince many humans relax on Caturday, I figured I would give you some things to read.

One of the humans who visits here the most and who is always happy to chip in to help when cats like Lucky need help is named Jason.  He and his wife are going to do the walk for Cats Protection in the UK next week.  This kind human can use your help with fundraising, so please donate if you can, and share his story if you cannot.

And speaking of Lucky, I wrote an update about him and Bindy.  They are both doing much better, but they still have challenges ahead that they will have to overcome.  The important thing is that instead of being with humans who will abuse them, they are with humans who will take good care of them.  That is a huge step on the path to recovery, and they both know it.  Remember, these two cats who have every reason to distrust humans show their love for the humans who are helping them by purring, making biscuits, and in the case of Lucky, even asking for tummy rubs!Bagheera the Diabetic Cat loves Tenth Life

While Lucky and Bindy still have a ways to go before their stories can truly have a happy ending, there’s one that I shared with you.  That is the story of Checkers, who went to Tenth Life Cats in St. Louis.  She was found in the woods duct taped to a board.  But after much love and care, she has recovered and found her furever home.

I want to thank all you kind humans for all the attention you shower me with.  I hope you having as much fun on this Caturday as this diabetic cat is.

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