Let’s Help Simba Get His Enclosure

I hope you kind humans are having a good day.  I have talked a lot about Simba, who is a 75 percent African jungle cat.  His story is a very sad one, and it will make this diabetic cat beat very quickly if we can help make it a happy one.  That’s good for my diabetes, you know.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat wants you to Help SimbaSimba’s human recently went over the rainbow bridge and now Simba does not have the human he bonded to.  So he needs help.  He needs an enclosure so he can live the rest of his life happily.

Before I tell you what I am going to make my human do to help with this, I wanted to let you learn more about the African jungle cat.  It is the largest member of the Felis species, which includes cats like me.  Simba is 30 pounds, which is not big for a jungle cat.  They can get up to 35 pounds!

Even though they are called jungle cats, they are not found in the rainforest.  You can find cats like Simba throughout Africa and Asia, from Egypt in the west to southeastern Asia.

One of the most distinctive things about jungle cats is that they have equally sized claws on both their front and rear legs.  For cats like me, our rear claws are longer and stronger than our front ones, which means we have to back down when we climb a tree.  Simba’s ancestors don’t have to do this.  They can walk up and down Bagheera the Diabetic Cat has a cat mummy for you to look ata tree and face forward.

In Egypt, jungle cats were found among the cat mummies, which means that humans have lived with them since ancient times.  It’s likely that jungle cats were used to keep the rodent population under control.

I am sure you think that jungle cats like Simba are fascinating creatures, and that you want to make Simba’s story a happy one.  Well, his current human at Spots and Stripes needs money to build an enclosure for him.  And I want to help with that, so I got my human to agree to do something.

For every like, my human will donate $1 to Spots and Stripes.  If you share Simba’s story, he will donate $2.  And if you donate to help build Simba’s enclosure, he will donate $5.  He will do this up to $100.

This diabetic cat really hopes you will show Simba some of the love you have shown me.

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