Soldier Reunited with Cat

Hello everyone.  Today is Memorial Day in the United States, where I live.  So this diabetic cat wants to share a story about a heartwarming reunion between a human and a four legged furiend.  I have to be careful when I hear sweet stories like this, because I am a diabetic cat and I can’t have too much sugar!

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat wants you to Meet KoshkaIt started in Afghanistan.  Staff sergeant Jesse Knott met a feral cat he called Koshka.  Koshka earned his keep by being a good mouser, just like cats have done for you humans since we first wandered into your lives in ancient Egypt.

But despite this, Koshka showed signs of being abused.  From time to time, paint was in Koshka’s fur.  And someone took clippers and shaved Koshka’s back.  Knott was not about to tolerate this, and despite regulations against it, he found room for Koshka in his office.

So just like so many kind humans confronted with an abused cat, Knott saved Koshka.  He never expected Koshka to return the favor.

Unfortunately, a suicide bomber attacked a convoy near the base where Knotts was stationed, and two of his friends were killed in the attack.  Knott was unharmed physically, but mentally, he was depressed.  Not surprisingly, he was crying over the loss of his friends in his office.

Koshka noticed this.  Koshka “locked eyes with me, reached out with his paw and pressed it to my lips, then climbed down into my lap curled up and shared the moment with me,” Knott said.  This is when he decided that Koshka was coming with him to the United States.

Knott was unable to get Koshka on a military convoy, so he needed help.  And he got it from an Afghan interpreter, who took tremendous risk in helping.  Militants who encounter Afghans helping Americans often kill them.  And the interpreter was with “a cat with a purple collar and an American-brand cat carrier, going halfway across Afghanistan, going across God knows how many Taliban checkpoints.”

He made it to Kabul, and Knott’s parents paid the $3,000 to get Koshka to the United States.

This diabetic cat wants to thank Knott for his service and is glad that Knott was able to reunite with his feline furiend.

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