An Update on Lucky and Fortune

I am sure you kind humans remember when this diabetic cat told you the story of Lucky, who was tortured by an evil human who dumped acid on him.  Lucky was rescued by the Homeless Animals Rescue Team of Fairfax,  who put out a call for help to fund Lucky’s treatment.  And you were so generous that they were able to rescue another cat with a wound on her neck, Fortune.

Bagheera the diabetic cat has good news on LuckyI am very happy to share good news about both of these cats.  Lucky’s recovery continues to go well.  About a week ago, Lucky had another surgical procedure to help hm heal.  He’s doing well after that surgery.  It was a very intense surgery, but Lucky handled it like the tough cat he is.

Lucky is also getting laser treatments to his skin.  These treatments will help with the scarring and they will also possibly allow fur to grow where there is no fur now.

He’s doing well, but healing is a long and difficult process.  He’ll need at least one more surgery and possibly more.  Lucky can still use your healing thoughts.

Fortune is also doing well. Her wound continues to heal, but not as quickly as the veterinarians at Parkway Veterinary Clinic would like.  So she was taken back to the clinic to have the wound debrided.  Fortune’s foster human is hopeful that her wound will heal in the next few weeks. Bagheera the diabetic cat has good news on Fortune

Unfortunately, the news was not all good for Fortune.  She is FIV positive.  This is the feline equivalent of HIV, and it may be one of the reasons why Fortune’s wounds are healing slowly.

But despite this, Fortune is a loving and kind cat.  She doesn’t get overstimulated anymore, but she does let her human know when it’s time to back off.  If she is in the mood for human attention, she loves to be in her human’s lap, purring away.  Fortune is also a very smart cat.  She managed to pull up the heating vent in her room, and went wandering in the ducts for a while.  So her human had to relocate Fortune.

As a diabetic cat, I can understand the challenges that these two fellow special needs cats face.  But what is nice for you humans is that we are just as loving as cats without special needs.

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