Diabetic Cat Chloe Needs a Furever Home

I recently wrote about Diabetic Cats in Need and how they are participating in a contest to win $1,500 in credit at a low cost veterinary clinic.  Today I want to highlight a diabetic cat that needs a furever home.

Meet Chloe.  She is a nine year old cat who was diagnosed as a diabetic cat Meet Diabetic Cat Chloeright around the same time as me, in the summer of last year.  But there is good news about Chloe.  Unlike me, who needs two insulin shots a day and who can’t seem to find a dose that gets me down to a level where both my human and I are happy, Chloe is a diabetic cat in remission.  That means she doesn’t need insulin and just needs a low carbohydrate diet and monitoring.

Lucky girl!  To not have to get insulin shots and lots of ear sticks must be nice!  Someday I hope I will be there.

Chloe is not like me in another way.  I am very friendly and outgoing.  I like meeting other humans and felines.  But Chloe is very shy.

Even after nearly six months with her foster human and the other four legged inhabitants of the house, Chloe still prefers to be by herself.  She will tolerate the other four legged creatures roaming her foster home.  When it comes to her foster human, she will tolerate being held a little bit Meet Diabetic Cat Chloebut she is not shy about letting her foster human know when she has had enough attention with a little nip.

Chloe likes her soft bed with a comforter.  She is not like Jacey and me, who like to seek out the window to work on our fur tans, watch what’s happening outside, or recently, what the bird on our balcony is doing.

For a human who wants a mellow cat who is affectionate but not overly so, Chloe may be the perfect cat.  Since she is a diabetic cat in remission, you can take in a special needs cat who needs a minimal amount of attention.

Can you give Chloe a home?  Please tell Venita at DCIN if you can.  If you can’t, please share this so that someone who can will see this story and give her one.

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