Happy News About Some Good Furiends

One of the things I love to do as a diabetic cat is share the stories of cats like me with special needs.  And there have been four cats that I’ve really focused on.

One of them is my ginger furiend Lucky.  He continues to recover well from his wounds, and the organization that rescued him, the Homeless Animals Rescue Team, won a contest and got a nice grant that will allow it to help more cats like Lucky and Fortune.  I have to commend my ginger buddy on his biscuit making skills!

Be warned.  Get a tissue before you watch this, because you are going to need it.  My human told me he got something in his eye, but I know better.  Just because I am diabetic cat doesn’t mean my brain isn’t working.

Bindy, who was beaten because she got pregnant after the human she was living with didn’t get her fixed, is also recovering.  Remember how she wouldn’t eat on her own and had to be fed with a syringe for a while?  Her foster human from Michigan Cat Rescue says that problem is resolved.  BBagheera the Diabetic Cat's Furiend Bindyut she is still a shy cat and is working on socializing.  Her foster human is very kind and is giving Bindy lots of love and showing lots of patience.

Bindy will go to see an eye specialist on the 19th, and that is a good sign.  Remember, Bindy couldn’t go to the eye specialist until she was in better shape.  And she has kisses to give to you.

Duke, my fellow bengal cat, is also recovering.  Remember, he was very light, and he had an infection.  This beautiful boy was set to be put down and only the microchip saved him.  He is now well on the way to recovery.  His infection is gone, and a vet visit revealed that his intestines are in good shape.  And he has a little game that he plays.  He will pick a toy out of box, set it down, and then walk away.  But then he will turn around and pounce on the toy.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's Furiend Justin and JewelFinally, you remember what happened to poor little Justin.  His story is similar to Lucky’s but at least Lucky was a grown cat who could fight back.  Justin was a tiny little kitten weighing less than one pound!  Well, not only is Justin doing much better, but he’s got a new friend.  The Animal Alliance of New Jersey had another lone kitten who needed a home, so they placed that kitten in the same foster home as Justin.

Don’t these two make a very cute pair?

Stories about these special needs cats, even though they are not diabetic cats like me, make me very happy.  Kind humans stepped in to take care of these wonderful creatures, and they have shown that while they may be burned, beaten, or abandoned, there is absolutely nothing wrong with their heart.

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