The Blood Sugar Roller Coaster

Remember how a little while ago I had a blood sugar reading that scared my human, and made him wonder if something was wrong?  He saw a blood sugar reading of 50, which is a reading that diabetic cats like me normally don’t see.  He couldn’t administer any insulin, because that might have taken me into a hypoglycemic state.  So he fed me, and when my blood sugar went up, he felt much better.

Diabetic Cats Like Me Sometimes Ride a Blood Sugar Roller CoasterWell, yesterday, we had the opposite experience.  Remember, diabetic cats like me ideally end up with blood sugar readings in the 100s.  If it’s between 200 and 300, that’s okay, but not great.  And anything above 300 is definitely bad.

Yesterday morning, we had a blood sugar reading that was way too high.  It came in at 502.  So my human was worried.

He gave my my morning insulin shot just like he always does.  And he was hopeful that the insulin would do what it was supposed to do and bring my blood sugar level down.

Well, with the evening test, it was much, much better.  The blood sugar level came in at 211, which is acceptable.  We would like to see it drop a few points, to below 200, but when you can cut a level like the one we saw yesterday morning down to around 200, it is definitely a good sign.

We are very hopeful that the high blood sugar reading was an outlier.  And in a few days we will know.

The hard thing to do is to figure out why my blood sugar levels spiked.  And it’s likely we will never know.  I didn’t do anything differently than I normally do, so my human has no clue as to why it spiked.

But that is one of the challenges that diabetic cats like me face.  Sometimes, our blood sugar will spike even though nothing has changed.  As long as those high readings are not too frequent, it is something that’s tolerable.

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  1. my kitty Barack upchucked several times on Sunday, so around 10:30p I took him to emergency vet. After many questions and bloodwork vet decided it was just gastric upset and gave anti-nausea shot and sub-q fluids. Barack’s blood sugar was 279 (it’s always been in normal range). Vet said it’s not unusual for cats’ blood sugar to spike, and to not know why, but now I will be concerned about that. Barack turned 7 in April. He’s not overweight.

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