Diabetic Cats In Need Scores a Win

I love to share good news with you kind humans, and today, I want to share some good news about one of my favorite organizations, Diabetic Cats In Need.  You will remember that DCIN was entered in a contest with 30 other organizations to win $1,500 in credit at a low cost care clinic.  The clinic, Helping Hands, specializes in performing high quality and affordable veterinary care to people and pets in the Richmond, Virginia area.

Diabetic Cats In Need won the Helping Hands ContestDCIN has taken many of the cats in its care to Helping Hands, and the generosity of the clinic is wonderful to see.  Not only do they provide low cost care, but in addition to the $1,500 credit that is the grand prize, they are going to have a drawing among all the other organizations for an additional $1,000 credit!

Well, after two weeks of voting, I have good news to report.  It appears that DCIN received the most votes in the contest.  So that means they will receive the grand prize from Helping Hands of $1,500 in credit to take care of diabetic cats like me.

You kind humans were a big part of the reason why DCIN won.  So give yourselves a big hand.  I will give you a happy paw tap and happy meows!

If you want to do more to help diabetic cats, you can adopt one of the cats that DCIN needs to place in homes.  I’ve highlighted a few.  There’s Chloe, Penelope, Dominique, and Scooter, among many otherDiabetic Cats In Needs.

Maybe you can be like the humans who adopted Missy.  She’s was spared a death sentence and she is doing very well in her new home.

But make sure you can properly care for a diabetic cat before you take one of these wonderful furiends in.  What better way to help DCIN celebrate its win and commemorate adopt a shelter cat month than to take in a sugar cat like me?

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2 Replies to “Diabetic Cats In Need Scores a Win”

  1. Don’t forget to give yourself a paw on the back for all you did to help them win. I’m sure all your voting reminders went a long way to help.

    You’re a credit to kittys everywhere with what you do to help and spread news

    1. I am just a happy bengal boy who loves to share good news and help other felines. I am so glad they won and send you happy paw taps for saying such nice things.

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