Say Hi to Sinatra from Tenth Life Cats

Good morning, everyone.  One of the things I love to do is highlight other special needs cats.  And today, I’ve got a very handsome boy to share with you.  He is not a diabetic cat like me.  But he’s a special needs cat that’s being cared for by Tenth Life Cats.  This wonderful organization takes in cats with serious medical conditions that would likely result in them being put down by other organizations.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat wants you to meet SinatraSinatra’s challenge is something that makes what I deal with as a diabetic cat look very easy.  I may complain about the ear sticks and the insulin shots, but my hind legs work just fine.  Poor Sinatra can’t move his hind legs.  This paralysis happened because of an accident that occurred before his admission to Tenth Life.

Now, only an organization like Tenth Life would have taken in Sinatra.  They are committed to making sure that all cats, no matter what medical challenges they face, get to enjoy a life full of love and happiness.

And just like most special needs cats, Sinatra has returned the love that the wonderful humans who are caring for him receive a lot of love back.  Due to his paralysis, he needs help going to the bathroom and needs to be cleaned after he goes.  Sinatra shows that he appreciates this by rewarding his human with lots of purrs and biscuit making.

It is easy to draw comparisons between Sinatra and Anakin or Lincoln.  Anakin, as you know, has no hind legs.  And Lincoln suffered from quadriplegia before his miraculous recovery.  But Sinatra’s case is unique and should be treated as such.

Tenth Life is looking into getting wheels for Sinatra, but with a caveat.  Because he scoots around so well without them, they think he needs to have a governor put on those wheels to make sure he doesn’t go too fast.

Sinatra is another example of how special needs cats, whether they are diabetic cats like me or cats suffering from paraplegia, can be very happy and loving.  We special needs cats only need a home where we’re shown the love and special attention we need.  Then we will show you that there is nothing wrong with our ability to return that love many times over.

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