What to Expect with a Bengal Cat

Hello, everypawdy.  The other day, I told you a little about one of the things that makes me an unusual cat.  I am a polydactyl cat.  Now I’m going to tell you about my breed, bengal cats.  Both Jacey and I are bengal cats.  Just like diabetic cats, bengal cats are not for everyone.

All bengal cats are descended from a wild cat, the Asian leopard cat.  The scientific name of the Asian leopard cat is prionailurus bengalensis.  The second half of its scientific name is where our breed name comes from. All bengal cats like me and Jacey are descended from Asian leopard cats

Just like with many humans, we came about as the result of an accident.  Jean Mill purchased a female Asian leopard cat from a pet store in California in 1963.  Mill thought her cat looked lonely, so she put a male domestic cat in the cage.  Well, the cats did what cats will do, and the bengal breed had its start.

Mill decided to propagate the line, because she was concerned about the plight of Asian leopard cats who were purchased by unsuspecting humans.  These humans later gave them up to zoos after the animals showed that they were wild animals when they entered adulthood.  So she wanted to create a breed of cats who would retain the wild look of the Asian leopard cat but also have a domestic cat’s temperament.

Bengal Cats like Jacey and MeShe succeeded, but bengal cats like me and Jacey are still not for everyone.  We are very smart cats, and we can be very demanding.  And we love to talk.  So combine our sometimes demanding personality with our love to vocalize, and you will hear from us a lot.  Our intelligence means we will investigate things, and open drawers, closets, and cabinets.  We are very active cats, too, so be prepared to deal with us running around at all hours of the day and night.

But if you can deal with our personality, we have lots of love to give to you.  I love to hop up next to my human just before his alarm goes off, and give him sandpaper kisses and purr.  Jacey loves to sleep in between his legs, and when she gets tired of that, she will hop into the space between his arm and his body and curl into a little ball there.

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  1. If you’re prepared for the challenging, exciting, and fun experience of parenting a Bengal cat, they’ll reward you ten times over with plenty of affection and bedtime snuggles.

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