Abused Cat Bindy Is Ready For Adoption

You kind humans remember that I shared the story of Bindy, who was abused because some cruel humans decided that she needed to be punished for getting pregnant.  Michigan Cat Rescue took Bindy in, and she was in bad shape.  She wasn’t eating, and had to be fed with a syringe.  She also had an infection that needed to be treated.  And there was the problem with the poor girl’s eye.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat wants you to meet fellow special needs cat BindyWell, Bindy has come a long way from the abused, frail, sick cat since Michigan Cat Rescue started her on the path to recovery.  First she started to eat on her own.  Then she started to come out and interact with the her foster humans.  And now, she has taken the final step and is ready for a furever home!

Bindy will always be a special needs cat.  But as you hopefully have learned by now, a diabetic cat like me does require some extra attention, but not too much.  Bindy will require less attention, because her condition won’t get worse without treatment and can’t be treated anyway.Bagheera the Diabetic Cat loves how much better Bindy looks

Bindy went to see an eye specialist a couple of days ago, and the specialist had good news.  Many of us thought that Bindy lost her eye when she was abused.  She didn’t.  An ultrasound showed that Bindy didn’t have an eye in the empty socket to begin with.  So she was always a one eyed cat.

Amazingly, despite being abused, Bindy is a very sweet and loving cat.  She is shy, but this is not surprising at all.  If you give Bindy time, she will warm up to you.  She will need to be adopted into a quiet home, and having a mellow cat who will keep her company would be ideal.  Bindy is afraid of dogs, so she cannot go to a home with canines present.

Michigan Cat Rescue would prefer to adopt Bindy to a home in Michigan.  If you live there, and would like to adopt her, please fill out their adoption form.

Bindy is another cat that shows whether they are diabetic cats like me or have other special needs, for the right humans, we can be very loving companions.  Bindy deserves a loving home, and I hope she finds one soon!

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