Crisfield Cat Rescue Needs Your Help

Hello, my furiends.  I hope you enjoyed your weekend.  Today I bring you the story of an organization, Crisfield Cat Rescue, which has helped so many of my fellow felines.  Now they are in need of help themselves.  Hopefully, Bagheera the Diabetic Cat’s Buddies can help like they have before.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat wants you to help Crisfield Cat RescueFounded about two and a half years ago, Crisfield Cat Rescue is an all volunteer organization that helps rescue cats in Somerset County, Maryland.  This is located on what my human tells me is called the Eastern Shore of Maryland.  I have never been there.  My human thinks he flew a small airplane into that airport, but if he did make the trip, I was not at home.  So I can’t tell you if he actually did!

Due to many challenges piling up, Crisfield Cat Rescue needs to shut its doors.  First, they have lost many members, which makes it impossible for them to organize fundraisers.  Without volunteers and money, it makes it very difficult to take care of the cats they have on hand.  On top of that, there haven’t been as many adoptions as they thought they would have.  That means instead of having cats go to new homes and not having to pay the expenses of caring for them, they continue to have to spend money on cats they hoped would be in a furever home.

The last straw was when the kind human who started the group found out that her home, which houses the shelter, needs major repairs.  She is already working full time, trying to run a rescue organization, and this was just too much.  The poor human couldn’t even get a Petfinder account set up because she had no time.  Bagheera the Diabetic Cat wants you to help Crisfield Cat Rescue

From the bottom of this diabetic cat’s heart, I thank the kind human who tried so hard to make it happen.  It just proved to be too much.  But she has rescued many cats over the past two and a half years, and trapped, neutered, and returned many feral cats.  So while the doors for Crisfield Cat Rescue will close on July 20, many cats have benefited from their work.

Here is where you kind humans, who I call Bagheera the Diabetic Cat’s Buddies, can help.  If you live within 150 miles, Crisfield Cat Rescue will deliver an adoptable cat to you and they will waive the fee.  And if you have a barn or shelter that can house some of the cats, that will help tremendously as well.

The Somerset County Humane Society can take some of the cats, but not all of them.  So if you’ve been looking for a feline friend and you live near Crisfield, can you please help?  If you don’t live close enough, please share this so that others can see it.

My Buddies have helped many cats in the past.  I know you can help again!  Purrs and head bonks for all that you do.

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6 Replies to “Crisfield Cat Rescue Needs Your Help”

  1. Hey Bagheera,

    That’s not a good story – is there nothing that can be done to keep the shelter open? We’ve all seen how the community of cat lovers can pull together to help when it’s needed. Just look how much was raised for LB, Lucky and Justin. I’m sure we could help out CCR to keep the doors open as well.

    We would love to adapt a cat to help out but being all the way in the Uk makes it difficult but if we can help out with donations anywhere let me know and i’ll send some over.

    The cat in the picture is the first cat i’ve ever seen with the same colours as our Poppy. Thought he was one of a kind!


  2. Hi, Jason. I think the money is a big concern, but the human’s biggest problem is time. She just doesn’t have the time to take care of all the cats she does have and she is worried that if things go on for much longer, the lack of time will cause the care of the cats to decline. Then the county will step in and she will have no choice but to shut down anyway.

    It is a kind thing she has done, but she cannot keep up with it anymore. So I am sure she would like some financial help, but the time is the biggest problem.

    I will ask to see if she wants some financial help as she winds things down. If she does, I will post about it.

    You are a wonderful human for always being willing to help us felines!

  3. You people sound more like hoarders than rescues. Knowing your limits for the sake of the animals is very good. Giving them away to anyone within a 150 miles and anyone with a barn sounds horrible. Do the right thing for the sake of the animals and surrender them all to the humane society

    1. Robert, the human who has run Crisfield Cat Rescue has placed many cats with good furever homes and has also been involved in many trap, neuter, and return programs. The reason she is shutting things down is because she doesn’t have the time to properly care for the cats she has. She lost many volunteers.

      A hoarder would not adopt out the cats she has, and would insist on keeping them. It is not right for you to say this about the kind woman who wants to help.

      The Somerset County Humane Society has agreed to take in some of the cats. She is trying find good homes for the rest of them. And a barn, while not perfect, is a lot better than a cage at a kill shelter where the cats will be put down.

      Instead of criticizing her and calling her a hoarder, maybe you could help. Do you know someone who would take one of those cats in? Or can you share their story so someone else can?

  4. Please provide another picture of Bobby McGee. Also, could you please provide a phone no. so I can ask afew questions about 2 of your kitties? When is the latest date for adopting? Thank-you very much!!!


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