A Truly Happy Adoption Story

I have shared many wonderful stories that started with Tenth Life Cats in St. Louis.  These wonderful humans take in cats that nobody else will, so that my fellow felines can live happy lives.  I am waiting for them to take in a diabetic cat so that I can help them for a change.  They do such a good job with cats that face far more difficult challenges.  Just ask my good furiend Lincoln or his foster brother Sinatra!

So when Tenth Life adopts out a cat, it is a wonderful story.  But this story was even better than most.  Dill and Jem arrived at Tenth Life in June 2010 with three other litter mates named Scout, Link, and Cal.  They were found in a barn in rural Missouri and were basically feral cats when Tenth Life took them in.  Lots of intense socialization took place.  Scout, Link, and Cal took to it well, and they were adopted out right after they were fixed.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is happy Dill and Jem have a furever home!

It was tougher for Dill and Jem, and several kind humans tried to foster them but failed.  In the hands of a very skilled human, though, they came around.  Nearly three years later, in January 2013, these two kind cats were adopted by an older gentleman who fell in love with them.  That normally would be the end of a wonderful story.

Unfortunately, the story took a tragic turn.  The kind human who took in these two cats was involved in a fatal car accident.  His dearest friend thought the best thing to do would be to return Dill and Jem to Tenth Life.  They were heartbroken over the tragic story, but they welcomed Dill and Jem back.  These two cats seemed to have been snakebit, and it just didn’t seem like they would find the happy ending they deserved.

Well, a couple of days ago, Tenth Life got a message from a woman who was very sad she lost her 18 year old cat Vixen.  She wanted a pair of adult cats who were bonded to each other.  And when she met Dill and Jem, she fell in love.

Dill and Jem were waiting for their forever home longer than I’ve been diagnosed as a diabetic cat.  But they found it, and that makes me happy.  I hope it makes you happy, too!

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