Please Help My Fellow Diabetic Cat

Hello, everyone.  Today Jacey and I are taking advantage of the nice day and working on our fur tans.  We are sad that the mourning dove hatchlings didn’t make it, but we are glad we can go back on the balcony.  And we are very happy we have a human who takes care of us.  That is especially important for a diabetic cat like me.

But one of my fellow diabetic cats isn’t so lucky.  He is located at the Independence, Missouri shelter of the Great Plains SPCA.  His former humans were not nice to this poor guy.  They were using expired insulin and they were not administering it on a regular basis.  This is no way to treat any cat, especially one that has been part of your life for nine years!

Please help my fellow diabetic cat Shinji!This handsome boy, who is named Shinji, needs a new home and fast.  He reacted to losing his home and his family by getting grouchy and he did not want to interact with new humans.  That meant it was next to impossible to get him the insulin he needed.

Shinji has calmed down a little, and now the kind humans at the Great Plains Humane Society are able to administer insulin to him.  And as you can see from the picture, Shinji is getting ear sticks as well to test his blood sugar.  I tolerate those from my human, but I would not do that with a stranger.  Shinji is probably reacting the same way.

Not surprisingly, given all the stress Shinji is dealing with, his blood sugar levels have skyrocketed.  Remember how I told you diabetic cats should have their blood sugar levels below 300 at the very highest?  Well, Shinji’s has jumped to over 400.

The humans who are taking care of him now are doing what they can, but as long as Shinji is at the shelter, he will be stressed.  Stress will cause his blood sugar level to jump.  And that is a very bad combination for a diabetic cat.

If there is room in your home and your heart for my fellow diabetic cat, please contact the Great Plains SPCA.  And if you can’t help Shinji directly, please share his story.

We have helped many of my fellow felines.  Can we help one more?

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2 Replies to “Please Help My Fellow Diabetic Cat”

    1. It is wrong, isn’t it, Angie? Hopefully Shinji will find a home where the humans take care of him properly and where he will not be abandoned after nine years. He deserves better!

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