A Diabetic Cat Visits the Veterinarian

Just like most cats, I do not like going to the place where there are humans with white coats.  I didn’t like going there before I was diagnosed as a diabetic cat.  And I really don’t like going there now.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's carrierI asked a question about how many wounds I would inflict on my human today.  The answer turned out to be zero!  He was ready for those scratches to start when it was time to put me into the carrier.  But I think he has gotten smarter.  Instead of hiding the carrier like he used to, he leaves it out, and leaves it open.  So then I will hop in and out of it, and sometimes I take a nap in there.  That makes it less strange for me when it’s time for me to go in the cage.

My human then took me to Market Street Veterinary Clinic.  I was in the waiting area with three other cats.  One was a tiny little twelve week old kitten.  The other one was an adult cat, and my human and I were both extremely surprised when the human who this cat belonged to just walked out without putting the cat in a cage!  Imagine that, taking your cat with you without a cage or harness in a big city! Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's vet clinic

After a while, I went into the examination room.  My human opened the cage, and I came out.  He did not have to fuss with me too much.  The veterinary technician was able to take a look at me, and get my weight without me fussing.  I have always told you I am a big boy.  Try a 19.5 pound boy, and I am not fat!

Then the human with the white coat came in.  I do not like those white coats.  I went under a chair, and my human went to move the chair.  Both of the other humans were talking, trying to calm me down, but I snapped at my human to warn him.  He scruffed me, and put me on the table.

Then the human with the white coat checked my ears, eyes, and used a tongue depressor to check my teeth.  He also checked my heart and lungs, and then palpitated my sides.  I was good.  I did not fuss.  Finally, he wanted to look at my belly, and my human had to keep me scruffed while he lifted me up for everyonBagheera the Diabetic Cat got his ears checked like thise to see.

The human with the colorful and loose fitting clothes then left, and my human and the one with the white coat talked about me.  They talked about what tests they would do with my blood, and after a while, I started to roam around the room.  White coat or not, that human wasn’t so bad, so I calmed down.

Then it was time to take my blood.  How dare my human tell them they could do this without asking me.  Well, they got some, but not as much as they wanted.  But I had to put my paw down.  I told the humans who were trying to get my blood that I wanted no more of it, and they stopped.

Finally, my visit to the human with the white coat was over.  I went home, and my human gave me some treats to make me feel better.  Diabetic cat or not, I still do not like this.

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