Fighting Like Cats and Dogs? Not Really!

Yesterday, I told you that while I love my human, when he is around a lot, it means extra ear sticks for me, which I do not like.  But that is what being a diabetic cat means.  Ear sticks and needle sticks are part of the routine.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat loves seeing this unlikely pairWhat is not routine is what happened with a tiny little kitten and a dog in Anderson, South Carolina.  A human from Anderson Animal Control responded to a report of a yelping dog behind a Home Depot store.  The human climbed down a steep embankment, and saw a black and white shi-tzu mix tangled up in a mix of briars and bushes.

But when the human looked more closely, she saw a tiny little kitten snuggled up tight with the dog, drinking milk from the dog.  The human who found the unlikely pair said that she “didn’t know what to think.”  She “was shocked and surprised and then of course, aw!”

The pair was taken to the shelter, where other humans had the same reaction.  But according to the human who runs the shelter, this is not unusual.  This behavior is something many mammals do.  “It would be like one of us seeing a neglected or abandoned child and taking it under our wing.”

These two matching black and white furiends are in a private room at the shelter.  When the kitten gets too close to the edge of the cage where they are, the dog scruffs her and takes her back to her bed.  And they spend a lot of time looking at each other. Bagheera the Diabetic Cat loves seeing this dog take care of a kitten

Because the kitten needs more food than the dog can produce, she is getting some extra milk from the shelter.  And the dog loves the milk too.  After they ate one day, the dog licked her kitten’s mouth clean and moved her around with her nose.  Once they settled down to sleep, the kitten climbed on the dog’s back for her cat nap.

It is nice for this diabetic cat to know that humans are not the only species that take care of animals that are not part of their own species.  Just between you and me, I prefer my human taking care of me to a dog doing it.

But I think you human have to retire that phrase fighting like cats and dogs.

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