A Happy Story About a Diabetic Cat

I love to share happy stories with you.  When they are about special needs cats, it is even better.  And the stories I love more than any other are the ones about diabetic cats like me.

My fellow diabetic cat StubbieLike many stories I share, Stubbie’s story started out as a sad one.  There is a veterinarian in Ottawa, Illinois that will take in cats if there is room. Stubbie was dumped at the veterinarian’s front door one day, in a box that had been held together with duct tape so that Stubbie could not escape.  He had been fixed, and dumping him in a hot, dark box was not the first cruel thing his former human did.  Stubbie had been declawed.

He was thin, dirty and had fleas, and when the humans at the veterinary clinic noticed that Stubbie was drinking a lot and using the litter box a lot, they suspected diabetes.  They confirmed that Stubbie is a diabetic cat, which is why he was dumped.  On top of this, Stubbie was missing part of his tail, which is how he got his name.

Despite this, Stubbie is a loving and friendly cat.  He does not mind other cats, and he was tested with a small dog.  Stubbie passed with flying colors.  As you can see from the video, he is also good with kids.

Well, this loving boy deserved a home where he would be taken care of, not dumped because of two insulin shots and two blood tests a day.  And his story was shared by one of my favorite rescue organizations, Diabetic Cats in Need.

It didn’t take long for a kind human to step up and agree to take in this sweet boy.  Stubbie is now on his way to his furever home.  He will be making a similar trip to what I did a few years ago, when I moved to the west coast.

This is a great story, and I love seeing a fellow diabetic cat find a furever home.  There are many more who need help.  You can visit the kitty store on Diabetic Cats in Need or check out the Sugar Kitty Wednesday feature on Paws and Effect to see them.

If you are willing to give insulin and check blood sugar twice a day, please consider helping one of these diabetic cats.

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4 Replies to “A Happy Story About a Diabetic Cat”

  1. I am his new mom. I can’t wait! Thanks for sharing our happy story!
    XOXO from Stubbie (soon to be “Mick Jagger”!)

    1. Hi, Stephanie. I send you purrs and head bonks for taking on the responsibility of taking care of a diabetic cat. I am so glad that Stubbie, soon to be Mick Jagger, found a good home. If you ever have questions about taking care of a diabetic cat, you can contact me here.

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