A Diabetic Cat Gets A Feline Guest

Sometimes, my human does something that is good, but annoys me nevertheless.  And with a diabetic cat, he has to be careful to not stress me out too much or it could cause my blood sugar to spike.  That is the case with the feline guest in my home.

My human told Jacey and me that he saw a beautiful bengal cat who was not happy when he went to the store to get food for us.  He told me she was sad, because she didn’t have enough room to roam around.  I told him of course she was not happy.  Bengal cats like me and Jacey need room to roam, I told him.  We don’t do well when it’s just a small cage and there are not humans A Blue Eyed Snow Bengal Similar to this is Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's guestaround to play with us.

He asked me, Bagheera, what would you say to me bringing this other bengal cat home so she can stay in a place where she can be happy until she finds her furever home.  I said, well, I do not want another cat here, so see if someone adopts her.

That was about a month ago.  My human saw this pretty snow bengal with absolutely gorgeous blue eyes, and one day, he came back and said, Bagheera, I have to bring her home.  I can’t let this sweet girl sit in that cage and be unhappy.  A Blue Eyed Snow Bengal Similar to this is Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's guest

He brought her home last night.  He was a little sneaky.  Since a diabetic cat like me needs to get insulin shots and blood sugar tests, he didn’t want to bring her in until he had given me my evening dose and test.  So he did those first, and when I was eating, he brought her in.

Well, I was not happy, but I am a pretty mellow cat.  To be safe, my human banished her to the bathroom, away from me and Jacey, to isolate her.  He should stop trying to do this with bengal cats.  When he first brought Jacey home and did this to her, she escaped.  So did this one.  We bengals are smart, after all!

He was cooking, and she strolled right into the living room.  Jacey and I eyed her warily, and I hissed at her a couple of times.  But when we all decided that she would not be a problem, we went about our routine.

She went hiding under the sofa, so that made it easier.  She’s not a threat to me and I can tell my human still loves me.  So Jacey and I will tolerate this feline guest for a while.  Don’t tell my human, but we might become friends with her and gang up on him.

If you are interested in adopting a very pretty snow bengal and live in southern California, please let my human know.

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2 Replies to “A Diabetic Cat Gets A Feline Guest”

  1. Oh, Bagheera, that’s so kind of you to welcome a new kitty into your home. We know your new friend will find her furever family soon; meanwhile, do your best to be a good host and be kind to her. I was really happy when Thomas welcomed me to my forever home with open paws. It took Siouxsie a little longer to warm up to me, and sometimes she STILL growls and swipes at me — but that’s OK, I know she loves me anyway. *purrrr*

    1. Jacey is totally accepting of the guest, but while I am not mean to her, I don’t really like her. If my human keeps her for a while, I am sure we will be furiends. If not, that is okay because she will have a furever home!

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