Why Rescue Volunteers are Angels

I have written a lot about the kind humans at many animal rescue groups.  There’s the Homeless Animals Rescue Team, Forgotten Felines of Maine, Texoma Pets Alive, the Animal Alliance of New Jersey, Spots and Stripes Bengal Cat Rescue, and Tenth Life Cats, among others.  And of course, as a diabetic cat, how could I not love the kind humans at Diabetic Cats in Need?

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat wants you to help Michigan Cat RescueMany humans do not know what the humans at the rescue organizations like these go through.  The wonderful humans at Michigan Cat Rescue, though, recently wrote a little about what it is all about.

You can find the post on their Facebook page.  It starts off with the human who wrote it talking about how they are up past 1 AM Detroit time, posting on Facebook.  And then, after the post, there’s more work to do.

Michigan Cat Rescue has taken in seven kittens who all have an upper respiratory infection.  So these kittens have to be medicated.  I tolerate the ear sticks and insulin shots that a diabetic cat, just like a diabetic human, needs.  But doing it seven times, even with cats who will tolerate the treatment, is not easy.

Tomorrow morning, they will take eight kittens in to the veterinarian to get physicals, fecal testing, and blood tests for FIV and feline leukemia.

Why do they do this?  Because they love the cats they save so much.  They’re willing to give up a lot in order to help as many of my fellow felines as they can.  There’s never enough time to do the things that need to get done, so something has to give.  Usually, that something is sleep.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat wants you to volunteer with animal rescue if you canIf you ask anyone involved in rescue, though, it’s all worth it.  They give up a lot, but what they get is worth far more.  They get to know that they helped save a life.  They can’t save them all, but for the cats they help, their efforts make all the difference.

It makes this diabetic cat very happy that there are humans who care enough to do this.  If you’re one of them, thank you.  If you’re not, would you consider becoming one?

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