Diabetic Cats In Need Has Some Great Cats

One of my favorite organizations that helps cats is Diabetic Cats in Need.  How could I not like an organization that focuses on helping cats who are fighting diabetes like me?  They do so much to help humans with diabetic cats, stepping in to help humans who cannot handle the costs associated with their care.  And they help diabetic cats find homes.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat loves Diabetic Cats In Need!Right now, Diabetic Cats in Need has several cats who need homes.  Here are a few of them.

First up in Snowball.  This pretty girl has thought she found a furever home several times, only to be brought back to the shelter.  She had what she thought was a furever home, and she had no medical issues.  But then her human moved to a place where cats were not allowed.  And off to the shelter Snowball went.

She is a pretty and sweet girl, and so she was adopted very quickly.  Unfortunately, one of the humans in that home had allergies to cats which only came to light after Snowball was in their home.  So back to the shelter she Say hello to fellow diabetic cat Snowballwent.

Another human adopted Snowball, only to return her to the shelter due to litter box issues.  This is when the shelter learned she is a diabetic cat, and then the litter box issues made sense.  It’s very possible it was due to the excessive drinking that comes about as a result of untreated diabetes.  It seems to be under control if she’s an only cat.

Snowball is a lap cat, and her diabetes is well managed.  She gets a relatively small dose of Lantus, and eats both wet and dry food designed for diabetic cats.  All she needs is a furever home.  If you can give her one, please contact her rescue human.

Diabetic Cats in Need also has a bonded pair that needs help.  Jibbit and Sunshine lost their human in January.  They were taken to a shelter, and they were set to be euthanized.  Unfortunately, this is what happens to diabetic cats who are taken to the shelter, since they are considered unadoptable.  Jibbit and Sunshine are also older cats, which is another strike against them.

Meet Diabetic Cat JibbitDiabetic Cats in Need found a human who had never fostered a diabetic cat before and who really didn’t have any room in her home.  But she had a big heart and so she took in this pair.

Jibbit is the male cat in the pair, and he is the friendlier one.  He will come when he is called and he loves it when you pet him.  He is estimated to be 15 years old.  He’s a black and white manx cat.

Sunshine is a grey female domestic short hair.  She’s estimated to be around 12 years old.  She’s a little slower to warm to humans, but when she comes around, she is very affectionate. Sunshine is a diabetic cat looking for a home.

Both of the cats were on a pill for their diabetes.  But they’ve since switched to Lantus and a wet food diet, which is keeping their blood sugar levels under control.

If you can help find these two sweet cats a home, please contact Diabetic Cats in Need.

Thanks for all you do to help!

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