Catster Highlights Some Good Furiends

One of my favorite sites is Catster.  They were kind enough to run a story on this diabetic cat, and they were very nice to me.  But lately, they’ve kind of been on a roll.  They have shared the stories of two of my good furiends.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's Furiend LuckyFirst, they ran a story on my good ginger buddy Lucky.  I told the story of how with the help of Anakin, I was able to spread Lucky’s story and how donations came in from as far away as Dubai.  I am very happy that Catster gave Lucky the attention he deserves with an article all to himself.

We all know the story of how Lucky was tortured by an evil human who doused him with acid.  But Lucky also saw the very best in humans, too.  One of the most moving quotes was from a human who had suffered second and third degree burns herself.  She said “I know what Lucky is going through….Please tell him it will get better.  I know.”  I showed that quote to my human and he told me he got something in his eye.  Silly human.  I know what was going on.

Then Catster ran an article on my tiny kitten furiend Justin.  As the article said, it is very disturbing to know that there are humans who are so depraved that they would set a tiny one pound kitten on fire.Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's Furiend Justin

You would think that a cat who was tortured so badly would be very shy.  You would be wrong.  He is, according to the wonderful human who has given Justin a safe and loving home, playful and feisty.  Despite his horrific abuse, Justin love humans  He is inquisitive, active, playful, and happy.

Justin and his human recently made an appearance on The View.  And despite having all sorts of strange humans, bright lights, and large machines around him, Justin was ready to play.  His cute stubs of ears endeared the audience, and showed what a little love can do.

I love these cats.  I face challenges as a diabetic cat, but I have never been tortured or abused.  Justin and Lucky are very special cats.  I am glad they are getting the attention they deserve.

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