Batgirl’s Story Shows Dangers of String

As a diabetic cat, I have gotten close to many other special needs cats.  One of my favorites is Batgirl.  This superhero of a cat was rescued from the streets of Philadelphia, and taken to a high kill shelter.  Her eyes were swollen due to a horrible infection.  Her time was just about up but her human saw her, and decided Batgirl needed a chance.

She got that chance, and her will to live was matched only by her human’s will to help her live.  And Batgirl grew up to be a playful and fun cat.  Batgirl lives every day like it is the best day ever, and her attitude has inspired her human and mBagheera the Diabetic Cat Reminds you to Keep String away from Catsany others.

But this superhero almost lost her life due to a string.  Yes, a string.  You will often see pictures of cats playing with balls of string, and I know you humans think it is very cute. But string can be deadly to my fellow felines.

Batgirl got a hold of a tied shoelace toy a little while ago, and she swallowed some of it.  Her human took the toy away, because her human knew that stringy toys and cats do not mix.

Well, some of it got stuck in Batgirl’s stomach, and she got sick.  Her human took her to the place where there are humans in white coats.  They prescribed some medicine, and Batgirl was on her way back home.  But then she threw up some of the string toy, and her human knew what was the real cause of the problem.

An ultrasound was taken, and the humans in white coats said that the toy may have been blocking both Batgirl’s stomach and intestine.  They recommended immediate surgery.  The humans in white coats operated, and they didn’t find any additional material in Batgirl’s stomach, which was good news.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's Furiend BatgirlThis one eyed heroine is now resting, and doing much better.  And she was so happy to see her human that when her human arrived at the place with humans in white coats, she hopped on her human’s shoulder, purred, and did not want to let go!

She has recovered enough to work on her fur tan, and that is good news.  But her story should be one reminds you humans not to let my fellow felines play with string unattended.  You do not want to have your feline furiends deal with what Batgirl did

Speaking of fur tans, it is time for me to work on mine.  I tell my human that diabetic cats need sunshine to fight our diabetes.  He doesn’t know if it’s true, but he lets me go enjoy the sun.

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