Amazing Response Finds Bengals Homes

The motto of one of my favorite organizations, Spots and Stripes Bengal Cat Rescue, is that no bengal should be unwanted, unloved, or alone.  But for nearly 30 of my fellow bengal cats, that is exactly what happened.  A breeder in the San Diego area died, and he had not made any plans for handling the cats after his death.  My human knows that if something happens to him, his family will take me in despite me being a diabetic cat.  But for these cats, there was no plan.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat's fellow BengalThat is why after his death, all of the bengals went to the Carlsbad facility of the San Diego County Department of Animal Services.  Shelters are very crowded, so you can imagine how hard it was to find space for nearly 30 bengal cats.  But the shelter did.  And once the bengal cats made their way to the shelter, that is when the real work began.

Humans who love bengal cats are a very devoted group.  They care very deeply about us, because they know we are a very special breed of cat.  So did the shelter.  The shelter was very committed to making sure my fellow bengals went to the right homes.

Many humans used their social media accounts to spread the word that these bengals were available.  I wrote about it on my blog to help.  And within a week, around a dozen of the bengals were adopted.  Think about that.  Nearly a dozen people who lived close enough to Carlsbad completed the adoption process in a week.  The remainder of the cats were taken in by rescue organizations near San Diego. Bagheera the Diabetic Cat is Happy His Fellow Bengals Found Homes

The shelter was amazed. On Friday, the human who has handling the rescue and adoption wrote that “our facility is 100 percent bengal free.”  He called the response to the bengals needing a home “unbelievable.”

Some of the bengals who needed a home were early generation bengals.  These cats, while not suffering from a disease like this diabetic cat, are special needs cats.  And they too found a home.

This bengal cat is very happy that everything worked out so well.  All of you humans who helped in any way get sandpaper kisses and happy paw taps from me and Jacey.

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2 Replies to “Amazing Response Finds Bengals Homes”

  1. MEWYAY! My human and I saw this plea on Facebook and were impressed by the number of people set to drive, foster, vet, and socialize these beautiful kitties. Thank mew Bagheera for getting the word out and doing all mew do to give back to kitties in need. I don’t have diabetes, but a rare auto immune disorder that has caused me many health issues and close moments the past ten years. My human agrees with mew and mewz human that we special needs kitties give back far more in love and devotion than any financial costs that arise from our constant medical needs.

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