Please help Polly Find a Home

My human tells me today is a day where many of you humans spend a lot of time at home instead of going to visit that thing called work.  There is a very pretty cat who would like a place to call her home.  As a diabetic cat, I feel the need to help as many of my fellow special needs cats as I can.  Polly is one of these cats.  And you will notice that her name is a shortening of the condition she and I share — we’re both polydactyls!

Say hello to Polly.  Bagheera the Diabetic Cat hopes you can help find her a home!Polly came to Tallahassee Animal Services when a kind human noticed an injured cat that was hanging around the neighborhood for a few weeks.  They realized that the poor feline didn’t have a home, so they brought her to the shelter for care and treatment.  Just like with Lucky, local laws required the shelter to keep her for a week so that if she was lost, her human could bring her back home.

Polly spent that week in the veterinary ward, where her wound was treated.  It’s responded well to treatment, but it is likely that she will have a scar on her head and her side.  She also is a loving cat, and is kind to even humans in white coats!  She likes to snuggle in human laps, help humans when they are typing on the computer, and she is good with kids.  She does not fear our canine counterparts, and is very good at stealing food from large canines.

Polly is about six months old.  She’s received her first set of vaccines and been dewormed.  Before she goes to a furever home, she will be spayed and microchipped.

Now you are probably wondering, well, Bagheera, she’s a poPolly is a polydactyl just like Bagheera the Diabetic Catlydactyl like you, but polydactyls are not special needs cats.  And she is not a diabetic cat like you.  So what makes her a special needs cat?

That is a very good question and you are smart humans for asking it.  Polly, unfortunately, has feline leukemia virus.  There is no treatment for this virus, and it will likely shorten Polly’s life.  And it spreads among felines, so Polly will need to be in a one cat home or she can go to a home where another cat has FeLV.  She will also need to be an indoor only cat because it will render her more susceptible to infections.

If you are a human who can give Polly a home or know someone who can, here is all you need to know about her.  The human in the white coat at Tallahassee Animal Services told me that they don’t normally try to adopt out cats with FeLV.  It makes sense, because most humans will not adopt a cat with this disease.

But, as the human in the white coat told me, Polly is so sweet they had to try.  As a diabetic cat I want to help my fellow special needs cat.  If you can help, please contact Tallahassee Animal Services and tell them you want to help Polly.

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4 Replies to “Please help Polly Find a Home”

  1. I agree with Timmy and mew Bagheera, I have a different disease than Polly, but my human was able to see beyond it and accept me as an even better gift to her heart, so I’m sure there is someone out there for Polly too. I will share mewz post to get the word out about this lovely ladycat with pawesome extra toesies!

    1. She is such a sweet girl that the white coated human decided to try to place her. Normally they do not do that, because she has to go to a very special human. My human could not take her, for example, and any human with other cats cannot unless they have one with FeLV. So it is challenging, but I am glad they are trying. And I hope they find her a home.

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