A Diabetic Cat Gets Some Questions

As a diabetic cat, I sometimes get questions from humans who are trying to help their felines fight the disease.  That is what happened yesterday.  Two kind humans who really want to help their diabetic cats asked me for advice.

Now, I am just a cat.  And while I do have some experience with feline diabetes and can give some general advice, any human with questions really needs to talk to the humans in white coats.  From what my human tells me, not only are there humans in white coats that take care of us felines, but there are humans in white coats that take care of you.  I hope the ones that take care of you do not stick you with needles like the ones that help us do!

My fellow diabetic cat ChibiThe first question comes from a human who has a diabetic cat named Chibi.  The poor girl has blood sugar readings that are all over the place since she was diagnosed with diabetes again in July.  She was in remission for six months but diabetes is a tricky disease and it can come back.

Her latest blood sugar readings have ranged from a low of 221 all the way up to a reading of 571.  And the human who is taking care of her doesn’t have enough of those green paper things to go back to the human wearing the white coat.

To me, it seems like a dose increase is in order, because Chibi’s blood sugar readings are consistently way too high.  Remember, a normal cat has a blood sugar level of no more than around 130.  And bad things happen to us if our blood sugar consistently remains over 300.

My advice, which needs to be confirmed by a human in a white coat, is to increase the dose, monitor the blood sugar at that dose, and then see what to do after a few days of consistently dosing her at that level.

A good resource for humans and cats like Chibi is the Feline Diabetes Message Board.  And for humans who are having a hard time paying for the care of their diabetic cats, Diabetic Cats in Need is a great place, too.

I also got a question from Molly, who just got the word that her 13 year old male cat was diagnosed with diabetes.  She is heartbroken, and she wants to know what to expect and how she can prepare herself to help her diabetic cat. Humans have Qeustions for Bagheera the Diabetic Cat

Molly, you are a wonderful human to have cared for your feline furiend for 13 years.  There are a few things you will now have to do with him.  You will have to be prepared to give him insulin shots twice a day, 12 hours apart.  And you have to be ready to give him blood sugar tests.

But the best thing is that if you do these things, which takes around 15 minutes a day, he will be able to live a close to normal life for many years.  So your feline furiend will be able to give you lots of love as he spends his senior years with you.

I am happy to help as many kind humans as I can.  But remember, always talk to the humans in white coats!

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2 Replies to “A Diabetic Cat Gets Some Questions”

  1. Giving Lantis to 12 yr old feline Sarah 2xdaily & using AlphaTrak2 monitor & test strips which are all SO expensive. Any recom. of a different, cheaper insulin? Can I use a cheaper human strip with the Alphatrak2? If so, how shd the # reading be interpreted for a feline? Or what brand monitor & strip combo will work well for a feline & how do I convert the #s for feline. Thanks so much. Norine Wingate

    1. If she is doing well on Lantus I think it is best that you stick with that. My human used to use the AlphaTrak 2 and switched to a human meter. It is available at American Diabetes Wholesale and it is the Arkray Glucocard Mini.

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