Cats and Humans: Who Chooses Who?

It is said that humans choose cats because they find something endearing about the cats they choose.  My human chose me because he thought I was so cute with my mitten paws, and because he was interested in the bengal breed.  That clearly carried over because he didn’t give up on my when I was diagnosed as a diabetic cat.

But did I choose him, too?  That is the question my good furiends at Catster asked.  They wondered whether cats choose the humans we go to.  The human who wrote the article said that he was a big fan of feral and stray cats.  Whenever he sees a cat that looks lost, hungry, or searching for a home, he feels compelled to help.  And this is very good, because some cats allow him to pick them up.  He will take these cats to the humans in white coats, nurse them back to health, and adopt them out.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat wants you to meet Cali BluHe found a cat that he named Cali Blu stuck in a sewer drain.  He still remembers the day he heard her tiny cries for help, and he is very happy that he was in a position to help her.  He rescued Cali Blu, who turned out to be sweet and gentle and allowed him to take her home.  She spent six weeks with this human, and then was adopted out to a kind human who gave her a furever home.  But Cali Blu seemed to know that this human would take care of her.

The same thing happened with my human.  I knew he would take care of me.  I tested him a little.  I was not happy with him putting me in a box, so I worked my way out and I bit him.  Well, that was a test.  Many humans would say, no, this cat bit me.  I do not want him.  But for my human, that showed him I had a feisty temperament and it impressed him.  He took me home. Bagheera the Diabetic Cat likes to play bite his human

And there are many cases where a human brings a cat into their life and it seems to give them an outlet for their worries.  Many humans who have gone through difficult times find that having a furiend like us helps them work their way through their challenges.

What do you think?  Do we choose you or do you choose us?  I know that I am glad that my human and I chose each other.  A lot of humans would have given up on a diabetic cat like me.  Not mine.

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3 Replies to “Cats and Humans: Who Chooses Who?”

  1. I think both choose. Our current kitty, Buddy, I think choose me.

    She (who I thought was a “he” at the time) was hanging around our building here in Brooklyn. Now, during the warm weather, first floor cats do that. But this was October! Didn’t click right away that it was the wrong time of year for that. But she would come when I called her and she sometimes seems to look for me.

    Well, Sandy hit here. Just before it I was look for the black & white kitty, but didn’t see her. So I thought she was at home and safe. She popped up again after the storm. (We didn’t get any flooding here in our part of Brooklyn.) And she went back to the usual hanging around every so often.

    Finally Dec. 16th, I went out on a rainy Sunday. She was out front, munching on some treats someone had left her. I went to do my errands and she was still there when I got back. Matter of fact, she hopped down from an air conditioner in a first floor window to say hi again. I petted her for a bit until she got distracted by something at the door. So I went in to find another lady waiting for the elevator. We talked about the cat for a bit and that is when she told me she had heard the cat had been tossed out! Well, that was just not going to sit with me! So I went back out, scooped her up and brought her back in. The other lady held the door for me and said that both she and her mom would be glad the cat got a good home, as they couldn’t take her.

    So Buddy got her home by simply coming when I said hi and playing with me!

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