Another Special Needs Cat Leaves Us

Yesterday, I shared with you the sad news that my fellow special needs cat Clyde has left us.  Sadly, I learned that another brave special needs cat also left us.  Homer had a far worse condition than a diabetic cat like me, although if our diabetes is unchecked it can result in us suffering from the same condition.

Bagheera the Diabetic Cat Is Sad We Have Lost HomerHomer was abandoned as a kitten, and got a horrible infection that cost him his sight.  He had to have both of his eyes removed.  But he didn’t let that stop him.  His enthusiasm and energy impressed the human who took him in, and she named him Homer after the blind Greek poet who wrote classics like the Odyssey.

Homer grew from an impulsive kitten into a sleek and handsome cat who would run around his apartment and rarely let his lack of sight create a problem for him.  He would jump five feet in the air to catch flies, and in a sign of true bravery, he scared off an intruder who broke into his home.

And Homer did something that would have made his namesake proud.  He inspired his human to write a book called Homer’s Odyssey, which made it onto the New York Times Bestseller list.  The book focused on how Homer taught his human about trust, love, and taking risks. Bagheera the Diabetic Cat wants you to read Homer's book

Homer, who just celebrated his 16th birthday, had been in declining health since last fall.  His liver enzymes weren’t where they were supposed to be, and he was suffering from intestinal problems.  The humans in white coats said he didn’t have much time left, but Homer defied the odds one more time by appearing to recover in the early part of this year.  The recovery didn’t last for long, and Homer left us on August 21.

“He was so tired and it was time, ” his human said.  “Homer passed peacefully, in his own bed, in my arms.”  But even though he is gone, Homer is still going to help his fellow felines.  His human will donate all royalties from the sale of her book “Love Saves the Day,” to charity from now until October 27.  This book tells the story of a human family through the eyes of a feline.

“He was just one cat.  One tiny, big hearted, irrepressible, brave, and loyal little cat.  Who could have possibly foreseen that he would come to mean so much to so many? ” his human wrote.

I can tell you who.  A fellow special needs cat like this diabetic cat, and all the humans who love those who show that a bad break doesn’t mean you can’t be full of love and life.

Homer, if I can help just one human or feline as much as you’ve helped so many, I will have lived a good life.

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